Kav Temperley’s Favourite Bands From Perth

Kav Templerley is gearing up to perform tracks from his new album All Your Devotion live to audiences across the country this October through November. Keeping busy also with Eskimo Joe simmering away in the background as they prepare to hit the stage for the Under The Southern Stars festival run.

It’s going to be a busy few months for the skilled musician, but anticipation is high, as Kav says, “(For the All Your Devotion tour,) it’s just going to be me with an acoustic guitar and kick drum strapped to my back. I want these shows to be raw and real so people feel like they’ve been there right next to me through the writing of this record.” Not to be distracted by his new album Kav gave Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles a list of his favourite bands from Perth.

Kav’s Fave Bands From Perth:

Tame Impala

I remember hearing the song Half Full Glass of Wine for the first time and thinking “that’s pretty cool for a Perth band”

With every release, Tame Impala seemed to get better, defining their musical sense of self. Then they managed something quite rare in that they inspired a whole generation of bands to imitate them, which surely is the greatest compliment.

After a couple of great sounding records produced by Dave Friedman, Kev went on to produce and mix the records himself.

Fremantle and Perth have always had to have a very DIY approach out of necessity, what was most impressive was Kevin Parker is now turning this in to an art form.

Methyl Ethyl

Just like Tame, these guys seem to be driven by one central character and take a big interest in their own record production. They are also happy being a little bit weird.

Lyrically there are some interesting things going too. I’m pretty sure they are the first band to rhyme ‘hit the snooze’ and ‘better watch out for those roos’, It sounds like a silly line but it instantly sums up driving at twilight on Perth country roads.

Red Jezebel

I feel like in a few years’ time there will be a documentary made about this band. They seem to be one of those bands that every other Perth band sites as an influence.

They appeared on the scene in 1997 around the same time as Eskimo Joe and while we were writing ridiculous songs about sweaters and stereos, these guys were writing and recording really cool records about real subject matters. Despite making consistent well produced albums they never really gained traction outside of Perth.

Check out Revelations, it’s a cracker of an album.


That’s right ya mother *$@&*, they were from Perth!!!!

Enough said!!

Sleepy Jackson

Despite only ever making two albums (apparently there is a third one in the works) they made a huge impact. It’s their debut album Lovers though, that still sounds super cool.

Lovers was recorded in Sydney via the back room of my house. Luke and the rest of his gang of merry men were part of our crew, we all hung out in my jam room working on each other’s demos. Often, I would walk in just as Luke would be walking out with an armful of my guitar pedals saying, “oh hey man do you mind if I borrow these?”. “Yes” I would say taking them back off him, but the next day they would be gone. I remember being really pissed off at the time but I don’t really mind anymore, as long as it contributed to that amazing sounding record.

And… Be sure to check out Kav’s new single Pollyanna


Compiled by Rob Lyon

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