The Fix Ups On Their All Time Top 5 Music Videos

The Fix Ups’ debut self titled album is a genre mashing pop freakout! Like an 80s Trans Am sports car through the French Riviera this is opulent pop with a sense of style. 2000s indie dance floor bangers, and new wave synths is just the beginning as the gentle lead vocals lure you to your death like a siren of the sea. It’s art pop and punk dance. And it’s not taking any prisoners.

They are currently doing a seventeen date tour across the USA which isn’t how most bands would start, but then again The Fix Ups aren’t most bands. Marlene Samson and Nikos Shannon, criss-crossed the continent from Boston’s Cheer Up Charlie and New York’s Piano’s, down to New Orleans The French, and across to San Francisco‘s Brick and Mortar, the bands baptism by fire directed their musical output to what got the best reactions on the road.

This attitude fuelled the duos creative fires and upon returning to the land of Oz, the band set up a makeshift studio in a Templestowe farmhouse and began tracking their debut album. With drummer Ash Meaghre now in tow the eight songs that emerged are anything but boring. Mimicking their USA adventures the band likewise criss-cross genres with tactical precision and ease. It’s pop but not as you know it. It’s dance without DJs and incredibly fun!

Check out the video for their brand new single..

The Fix Ups also give us their Top 5 Music Video Clips Of All Time

Hey this is Marlene, singer from the fix ups. We just love video clips and have our first one out right now! Here’s our top five best vid clips of all time. They’re form some of our fav bands. Some are weird and wonderful and some are just plain fun. Enjoy

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic

Opening bizarrely with a long sample of a classical orchestral piece, Intergalactic parodies cheesy Kaiju Japanese monster cinema (think Godzilla, or King Kong). The Beastie Boys come from outer space to save earth from some obscurely aquatic giant monster, wearing sexy tradie outfits. They proceed to waste precious time dancing through the city, whilst the monster terrorized its inhabitants.

With really cool beats, rapping, and vocoda…and of course giant dancing robot battling terrorizing the citizens, Intergalactic is a wonderful video full of strange juxtapositions.

Bjork – All Is Full Of Love

Oddly sensual, and set against a mesmerising song by Bjork, All Is Full Of Love is about the genesis of two androids. Is Bjork the two androids? Does she make love to herself? These are questions that you’ll never get the answers to by the end of the clip. One thing you will be certain of: this video clip uses an unsettling amounts of lubricating fluid, which gushes all throughout the video.

Towards the end of the video, we see both androids embracing and kissing one another; their backs still being operated on by machinery, as the camera slowly pans out, and the lighting fades. Can androids experience love? Can machines make out? Can your toaster ejaculate? This video asks all those questions, and more.

The uncanny valley is a phenomenon by which more human something looks, the more creepy it becomes, but to a point

Scifi robots are created to experience love for the first time? Are they sentient?

Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly

If you’ve ever wanted to see Dave Grohl as a teenage girl pining over himself, this video is for you. Featuring such idiots as Jack Black, a plane load of Dave Groul’s and the crew, also mostly Dave Groul’s, are made intoxicated by coffee spiked with some sort of drug.

Dave plays a camp airhostess, and an overweight middle-aged woman, and a cheesy 80’s pilot, whilst the rest of the band assume their own roles, both as men and man women. Mr Grohl is surprisingly good in his roles, and puts on the cheese in an exceptionally thick spread.

As the crew and captain become intoxicated by Jack Black’s druggo coffee, the real Foo Fighters swing into action, learning how to fly a plane in about 20 seconds, and safely landing the crew. If only it was that easy you clowns.

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Well what can we say about November Rain but a full blown lesson in 80’s decadence, ridiculous hair long, solos that go for too long in ridiculous outdoor settings places with seemingly no amplification, and a million dollar apparently endless budget and soooo much cheese, it’s a wonderfully excapists dream.

What happens in November Rain you ask? After finish watching the video clip you still have no bloody idea. How did how did the bride die? You will have no idea. Why does it keep on raining? I guess it’s November?

Set in the backdrop of a wedding and funerals Axl Rose marries a 80’s goddess in a church in the middle of nowhere. This intermingles with footage of a ridiculous concert, in which music goes forever and ever and ever. If you want experience escapism at its fullest, then leave your brain at the door and sit back and watch and enjoy the unnecessary nine minutes clip.

Daft Punk – Instant Crush ft. Julian Casablancas

More akin to the electro funk genera of The Fix Ups, Instant Crush tells a love story about two waxworks in a wax work museum (of all places). The clip intermingles with the Strokes Lead singer Julian Casablancas, dancing (probably out of his comfort zone), and apparently also as the male wax work in this love story. This is set to a super groovy track, with intricate synth lines, cool chord progression, and Julian’s vocals affected by vocoda.

The female wax work looks on with longing eyes at the Julian wax work, as he is taken off, to storage. apparently defunct. In the last scene, we see both wax works embracing in the store room, as it catches alight, and melts them into one. What a love story!

Compiled by Rob Lyon

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