The Kite Machine On Their Top Five Video Clips

Like a brick wrapped in silk THE KITE MACHINE’s new Sinister Sound takes heavy rock riffage and delivers it with such a sweet groove that you’ll gladly take the brain hemorrhage for it. The verses are gooey and sticky like a kids lolly pop, expertly building up the anticipation to the chorus which pays off in spades. Taking cues from The Black Keys and Queens of the Stoneage the chorus will have you reaching for the gear stick to kick into overdrive. Then just when you thought you’d heard all there was, the solo rips whatever brain cells you have left and takes the song into the stratosphere.

Keep a close ear to this one, cause Muse will no doubt be stealing it for their next hit. Sinister Sound is equal parts rocktastic, thunderous groove and pop hit and will be on your stereo mixtape for a long time to come. Before you check out the top five video clips The Kite Machine are digging right now check out their video for Sinister Sound.

Top Five video clips The Kite Machine are digging right now

High Ball Stepper – Jack White
This is one of the simplest most mesmerising ideas for a clip, yet still manages to be firmly planted in the context of Jack White’s screeching sonic mind palace. On one hand its metaphorically enhancing the sounds in the recording by adding an abstract visual element but on the other hand it’s quite literally using sounds to create said visual aspect, and thats just badass. (Levi)

Just – Radiohead
This is probably my favourite film clip of all time. It has the most perfect use of subtitles as part of the story line and keeps you very intrigued from the get go. The greatest thing about this clip is that in just over four minutes they can introduce a few different characters and a story that has barely any context, while still managing to grab you enough that you get completely invested in the outcome of the scenario. Not sure about anyone else, but the first time I saw this I did not guess how it would play out. WHAT DID HE SAY?! (Levi)

Digital Witness – St. Vincent
This is a great clip that just shows off what an creative and artistic musician Annie Clark from St. Vincent is. I mean all her clips are amazing but this one adds so much value to the song. The weird marching dudes, the head nodding, the pencil straightening OCD. Weird. But good weird. (Liam)

Creature Comforts – Arcade Fire
This is a great one shot video clip that gets me all up and about, when the whole band is hitting the “Creature Comfort make it painless” line i’m just gone. A perfectly simple idea that is just done to a tee. (Liam)

Typical – Mutemath
The idea of playing video in reverse is hardly a revolutionary idea, but you have to admire an entire band nailing a one-shot, one-take (at least two-shots probably, but still) performance while relearning how to play/sing the entire song in reverse and adding as many things as they can into the clip that would look awesome in reverse. (Levi)

Compiled by Rob Lyon

For more information on The Kite Machine head to their official website.

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