Five Things We Didn’t Know About J.F.K.

Meant to be played loud and belted out with a certain confidence and braggadocio, FEEL IT AGAIN from Perth rock band J.F.K is the perfect antidote to anything sweet or playing it safe.

Though newcomers to J.F.K’s music will be struck by the band’s blazing approach to their latest single, fans who have been riding with the group since their debut EP Stages (2016) will welcome Feel It Again as next logical step forward in the band’s ever growing body of work – a strong one, at that. Working with Andy Lawson at Perth’s Debaser Studio, J.F.K were able to reconnect with the collaborator who helped bring their acclaimed single A Boy And A Boy to life.

J.F.K give us there list of five Things you didn’t know about them…

  1. Our first ever show as J.F.K was at a mate’s house party. It was a pretty sweet setup – we hired a P.A and set up outside in the garden and smashed some tunes to a really good response. There’s even some old footage from it floating around YouTube if you want to have a squiz.
  2. We’ve legitimately got a band group chat on messenger where all of us have nicknames from The Matrix, ft. Mr Anderson, Trinity, Morpheus, Switch, Cypher and Mouse. Favourite quotes include ‘Trinity, help!’ and ‘Not like this; not like this”.
  3. We’ve played live as four or five different versions of J.F.K since the band’s formation. In the early days we were a four-piece for a while (two guitars, bass, drums), then we added a third guitarist who ended up leaving the band and being replaced by Tim our synth player. We’ve actually just added another member, Conor, on guitar and we’ll be playing our first show as a six-piece this week.
  4. The track Faded off our Stages EP was almost completely improvised, and each instrument was recorded in a single take. James was trying to cover The Scientist by Coldplay the night before some studio time and ended up writing the track and recording it the next day. His violin was missing it’s E string so all the violin lines were tracked on a three-string violin.
  5. Our front man James has actually competed as a male fitness model before. There are some hilarious photos of him looking pretty orange in some crazy fake tan while wearing ‘lil short-shorts.

Compiled by Rob Lyon

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