The line-up for Scouted is an awesome one which includes the very awesome The Winter Gypsy. The Winter Gypsy are a six-piece indie folk group from Adelaide, South Australia. Forming as a collusion of four separate bands in August, 2015, the band ranges from soft folk melodies and haunting vocal harmonies to soaring, upbeat instrumentals. The band has a complex dichotomy of both ambient and driving, distorted solos. Drawing comparisons to The Middle East, Bon Iver, and Bombay Bicycle Club, their sound is complemented by an intense and intricate range of instruments. Sean Helps from the band answers a few questions about Scouted for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What does it mean to you to be part of Scouted this year?
It’s such a great privilege for us to be selected for Scouted 2018. Getting the opportunity to perform to a national and international music industry audience. We’re so proud and happy to be sharing this lineup with so many other talented Adelaide artists; showing off some SA’s best local talent!

Why is it so important for Adelaide to have events like this that expose musicians to national industry execs?
It’s so important because before Scouted there was nothing in Adelaide that compared to it, in terms of showcasing. This is a new platform that veers away from the generic festival/ gig and instead; gives some of SA’s best talent the chance to be heard by a nation that so easily forgets about little old Adelaide. Scouted is such a great platform, I hope it continues forever!

What can we expect from your Scouted set?
We’ve lined up a fresh live set with new songs that we’ll be debuting on the night. We’re very excited!

What’s excellent about your venue and stage sponsor?
I think it’s rad to see Channel 9 and all sponsor's getting involved with Scouted. It’s so great to see! We’ve actually never played or been inside the Nexus Arts Centre before. We’re actually trying to play as many different venues in Adelaide as we can. So we are keen to tick this one off our list!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch The Winter Gypsy with a whole host of awesome bands at Scouted…


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