Hardcore Superstar, The Babes, Lagerstein @ Fowlers Live 17/6/2018

Sweden is home to Volvo, ABBA, bleak winter nights and endless summer days. It’s also home to a whole host of ‘Garage Rock N Roll’ bands as the Swedish rock movement of the late 90’s featuring Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters, The Hives and tonight’s headliners Hardcore Superstar made their mark on the music world. Think sleazy low slung guitars, lyrics about partying and you’re halfway to the ‘80’s rock n fucking roll vibe of West Hollywood Swedish style’ at the show tonight.

First up, at short notice as Laced In Lust dropped out, is Brisbane’s Lagerstein. A motley looking crew of seven pirates complete with a ship steering wheel crammed onto the tight Fowlers stage for a fun filled, beer bong drinking good time. A combination of Dropkick Murphys, Lagwagon and songs from the sea, the band is actually quite entertaining to watch and listen to. By the time a majestic keytar makes an appearance, the audience is in a mixture of disbelief, chanting and smiles. Which is probably exactly what the band wanted.

Local faves The Babes are a whisky drinking, bikie bar punching, good time rock n roll band. In what’s already been a jam packed schedule this year, this final warm up for their American tour next month purrs like the engine of a Harley itself, which is what drummer Moni Lashes revs to get this show going.

A combination of old songs and new, driven by guitarist Donna D’s riffs and Corey’s steady bass, the band ease themselves into the set. By the time the bar room brawling ‘It Ain’t Easy’ is screeched from JD’s lungs, this crowd is fired up on a cold night. ‘Got No Soul’ has a rabble rousing rendition of War Pigs snuck in before they end the set with Joan Jett classic I Love Rock N Roll.

Hardcore Superstar waste no time getting their hands dirty. Kick On The Upperclass and Electric Rider are a great one-two combo to start their set. Dreamer In a Casket has roof rattling drums as the crowd become more boisterous. Hardcore Superstar are a good time party band and it shows, with the crowd singing word for word to Wild Boys before Last Call For Alcohol is delivered with the intent of a band that needs more of the aforementioned refreshment quickly.

The only disappointment was the lack of numbers for a Sunday night however that didn’t stop the Swedish boys, as the smashed through a leery version of Bring The House Down all the while leading toward the final act. The Lagerstein beer bong makes a return to the stage during Above The Law and the equally drunken crowd rejoicing in the boys larger than life stage presence as the show closes.

Hardcore Superstar say they don’t Celebrate Sundays, however if this is what a Sunday show is like, l can’t wait to see how they celebrate Friday and Saturday’s!!!!

Live Review by Iain McCallum

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