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Norwegian born, Melbourne based Tuva Finserås returns with her single While Our City Sleeps, the third single form her forthcoming self-titled debut EP, set for release Friday June 15. Tuva’s early musical days were fuelled classical piano and composition. She found she needed to spread her wings and a change of scenery to further pursue her passion for the arts. The move to Melbourne was inspired by her formative years watching iconic Australian sit-com Home and Away and made the move in 2015. Tuva answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

It sounds like 2018 is going to be a huge year with everything planned, how is it going so far?
It’s going well! I have formed a band with a great drummer and bassist and we’ve been playing a fair amount of gigs so far, which people seem to be enjoying. I’m also working on a music video at the moment, and I’m very excited about the ideas around it and how it is turning out.

Is work on the forthcoming EP going well?
Yep, the EP is all done, so all I have to do now is wait for it to come out! Stay Tuned!

Do you think your sound has changed much over the journey?
My producer Benjamin McCarthy (Gordi, G Flip, Alex the Astronaut, Nyck) brings a slightly more electronic sound to the music, but I would still say it’s very close to the originals. My songs are pretty diverse. I use different instruments and arranging techniques for each song, trying to think what would best suit the song. But at the same time you can definitely tell tracks are coming from the same artist. There’s always a slow tempo, cinematic atmosphere and a delicate voice.

Is your first release the hardest trying to pick a small range of songs to best represent you?
Yes, I found it pretty hard. While finding the songs that best represent me I also have to think about which songs would fit nicely together. I think with the first release you have to be very clear about how you want the audience to see you. They might lose interest straight away if you don’t have a strong vision.

What are some of your significant influences that have helped shape your music?
Listening to Michael Jackson at an early age, I feel I got most of the pop influence, trying to create hooky melodies. Then later I listened to Alt J and Sigur Ros, which I feel are very moody and with a more cinematic atmosphere. I like listening to Vashti Bunyan as well. She is a very different artist, and when I listen to hear I feel like it’s okay to be very different as an artist as well.

What inspired you to move to Melbourne?
I actually “discovered” Australia when watching Home and Away in my early teens. I just thought I have to go there to surf, I knew I would love that. Also because the people seemed more positive and laid-back than back home, and I really admired that culture and lifestyle.

What is the message behind the single While Our City Sleeps?
It’s about a relationship that unexpectedly falls apart. The beginning is very peaceful, then suddenly the relationship goes bad and there’s a lot of sadness in the breakdown. While everything is feeling dead, things are starting to come back to life in the end and things are looking up.

Do you have some cool ideas for a video clip?
I always like thinking about ideas for video clips. I won’t make a video clip for While Our City Sleeps, but there will be music videos for two songs from the EP. They involve lions, wolves and queens. One of them will be in the snow!

Are you looking to tour more broadly around Australia this year?
Yes, I’m thinking during the next half year I will be touring around Sydney and Brisbane. Would love to experience the live scene in those places and play with artists from there.

What’s the next challenge for Tuva Finserås?
Next challenge will be keep improving my sound, and make a remarkable song, followed by an album.

Interview by Rob Lyon


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