The Jungle Giants, Alice Ivy, Evan Klar @ HQ Complex, Adelaide 25/4/2018

The Jungle Giants have had a massive twelve months with the release with their third album Quiet Ferocity which is an absolute winner. This band is riding the perfect wave that doesn’t look set to break any time soon. Setting out on their Used To Be In Love tour, their biggest to date and selling out a staggering fifteen out of fifteen shows.

It was Adelaide’s turn for a little bit of The Jungle Giants and it was an excitable crowd making the most of their Anzac Day public holiday. The atmosphere and the all round vibe was electric and something I haven’t seen in a while. The tour featured two up and coming talents by way of Alice Ivy and Evan Klar who have bright futures ahead of them and their music is well worth checking out.

Fans were crammed right in at HQ Complex trying to find the best vantage point possible. As The Jungle Giants took to the stage it was a heroes like reception as they emerged through the haze. The band opened with the big pop single On The Way Down which got the excitable crowd going. Singer and guitarist Sam Hales made the comment that there were confused emotions being the end of the tour but encouraged the crowd to bring out their best dance moves… which they did. Then it was back to where it started with She’s A Riot from their debut album Learn To Exist followed by Anywhere Else from the same album. Hales said the energy in the room was a good start and it great to watch the band feed off the energy of the crowd.

How good was Waiting For A Sign? Bloody hell! They know how to write a catch pop tune laced with plenty of catchy as hell hooks. Quiet Ferocity sent the crowd in to overdrive and as Hales said the crowd is literally turning it up by five thousand percent every song. I really dig the instrumental groove of In The Garage, brilliant! From strength to strength The Jungle Giants really owned it with Hales acknowledging that this is the best tour that they had ever done and that they have really grown up on this tour, connected with their fans and everything about the tour feels good and has gone well.

I Am What You Want Me To Be, Bad Dream and Used To Be In Love brought the lights on their main set. It wouldn’t have been possible for the band to leave the venue without an encore. They returned giving their fans one last chance to sing, dance and keep that festive vibe going a little while longer. People Always Say and Feel The Way I Do finished off a great night. I’m really looking forward to what The Jungle Giants do with the next album… can’t wait.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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