Wild Meadows

Wild Meadows present their debut self-titled LP, featuring recent single First Exit a dark, foreboding tune built on a rollicking rhythm section and atmospheric vocals. It offers an intriguing counterpoint to the album’s more shoegaze-oriented lead single Feel the Noise.  Wild Meadows’ current lineup consists of Jessica Lawrence (vocals), James Ross (vocals/guitar), Dylan Bird (guitar), Donovan Pill (bass) and drummer Peter Giannoukas, who joined the band subsequent to this recording. The band drop by for a quick Q&A about the album.

Sounds like it’s all happening for Wild Meadows, are you relieved that the album is finally done?
Were really pleased that the albums finally out into the world, its been finished for a few months now.

What was the most challenging part of making the album?
Making the album never really seemed that hard really, the hardest thing was dealing with our producer who would mock us mercilessly. He has ways of trying to get the best takes out of us.

Sonically, how would you describe it to music lovers?
I hope it sounds like a lot of styles I love, pulsating psychedelia, shimmering shoegaze and thumping Krautrock.

How did the band get together?
The band started with Donovan and I, the lineups changed a bit over the years. This current line-up is the best its ever been.

What inspired the band name?
It wasn’t really inspired by anything in particular, we spent a lot of time going through lots of different ideas.

How much of a buzz is it seeing your album released on vinyl?
Its great, it sounds way better on vinyl. It was always one of our main aims with this album.

What’s the story behind the single First Exit?
First Exit was a psychedelic groove with a Krautrock beat, Jess wrote some lyrics for it and came up with an amazing chorus. It came out really well.

Are you looking to tour more broadly around the country, including little ‘ole Adelaide?
We are looking at getting over to Adelaide, if any ace bands need a support feel free to get in touch.

Next challenge for Wild Meadows?
We are currently working on our second album … which is already sounding great.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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