Get ready for a double shot of Hardcore as Canada invades Australia with SILVERSTEIN and COMEBACK KID joining forces to head our way in May 2018! Longevity is a rare feat for any band, especially one rooted in a foundation of punk and hardcore. Throughout the course of their seventeen-year career, from Ontario basement shows to touring the world and selling over a million records, SILVERSTEIN has always managed to be completely comfortable in their own skin while never being afraid to challenge themselves. This perfect balance marks the band’s eighth full-length, Dead Reflection – an album that proves SILVERSTEIN still has plenty of fire left. For Silverstein there is no settling, no stopping, and they give nothing less than everything. Paul Koehler speaks to Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles ahead of the tour.

Awesome double bill with Silverstein and Comeback Kid with this double shot of hardcore as Canada invades Australia! Is that patriotism or just words in the bio?
Yeah, we’re very excited! We’re both Commonwealth countries right? Canadians and Australians always travelling through both countries, there’s always a bunch of Australians in Canada and a bunch of Canadians heading down under. I think there’s a lot of parallels, I think if you live in Toronto it’s like Melbourne has the Toronto of the south vibe, there’s a lot of similarities that we find. Overall the general attitude is that people are pretty much the same.

Is this tour focused mostly on the new album Dead Reflection?
It would be obvious to focus on the new songs but we don’t do that. We’re about putting on a good show playing songs from our entire catalogue and make the most of our time down there. It is nice that we get to headline, we’ll have a lot of time to get up there and play a bunch of songs and have fun with everybody. It is well overdue and has been quite a while to be headlining in Australia. We were there in 2016 to support Pierce The Veil and we were there in 2015 for our ten year anniversary tour of Discovering The Waterfront. That was the last time that we had been there. We haven’t done a tour like this since 2013, so it has been a while since we’ve played a headline tour playing a great diverse set.

What do you love about touring Australia?
I love the people, everyone is super friendly, it’s a fun and exotic place to go. We’ve been there so many times, our ninth time I think, we’ve gotten comfortable there, we know where to eat and shop! It has become really familiar but it is a good change of pace. It is not a place you’re going to all the time, so when you finally make it back there it is refreshing.

2017 was a big year for Silverstein releasing a new album and touring all over. What was the biggest highlight for you?
It was a challenge to make the record, there was a lot of stress and a lot of long days and nights. When we finally completed it we felt great about it and felt we had done something special. When we finally released it I think it really validated our hard work. We kicked off that album with a bunch of great tours.

Did you find that you learnt more about yourself than you have on any other album?
Yeah, we made a personal album and I think that with every album that we do we try and put more of ourselves on the line as much as we can. Creatively it is something that we have to dig deeper and push harder. We try not to fall on to any easy paths and are always challenging ourselves.

Was it a deliberate thing to make the creative process different this time around?
I think every time is different because there is always a passage of time between albums that includes all sorts of experiences and performing live. We really switched things up in making the record, we used different personnel, different location and that really allowed us to enter something new for the first time rather than being a repeat of the process.

Will you take some of those experiences in to the making of the next album?
I don’t know what we’ll do next time whether we’ll repeat parts of the process or reinvent. I think that’s the exciting thing that we’re no in this bubble or haze but just enjoy playing new songs, enjoying it and sharing with the fans. Once all that ends it’s time to be creative again. Who knows where it will take us?

Are there many ideas floating around for the next album?
It is a bit too early, we like to book in all the touring before we shift in to that. We’re not a band that is always writing, we like to do all the touring before making a record so we can focus a hundred percent on that.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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