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Heaps Good Friends are celebrating the release of their debut EP Hug Me with a national tour starting in Melbourne and winding up in Perth. 2017 was a massive year for the trio known for delivering lyrically playful, synth pop treats, including winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the South Australian Music Awards last year, single Let’s Hug Longer was the ninth most played track on Triple J and they have now released the hilarious video for I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yos, which was directed by them together with Aaron Schuppan and filmed in Adelaide’s beautiful heritage-listed Capri Cinema. Emma answers a few questions about their upcoming shows for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

How good is it right now being in Heaps Good Friends?
IT IS SO GOOD, here are six reasons why.

  1. You get to have strangers sing your songs back at you.
  2. I get to share a lot of meals with nick and Dan who like yummy food and are good company.
  3. My mum and dad come to some of my gigs.
  4. I am learning how to dance and sing at the same time, Beyonce style. jokes I have a ways to go before I level up THAT much.
  5. We get to travel the beautiful country and share our love and music with friends, family and friends we haven’t met yet!
  6. I am experimenting more and more in the art form of GLITTER

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement of all the good things that have been happening for the band?
We feel very blessed/ lucky/ tickled, and when good things happen to you, you want to share that with the world for sure!

Is it like icing on the cake to be going out on your own tour now?
That’s a great way to put it. I like cake. cheesecake. it’s like the Nutella icing on a cheesecake to take these songs on the road. To play them and hear them in a different environment and to hear how people respond to them too

What can fans expect to hear on this tour? Are there a lot of potential album tracks or covers fans might get to hear?
Fans can expect to hear all six tracks off of our HUG ME Ep, and a few new ones too! if you’re lucky, you might get a taste of the Ollll Ukulele too!

Has the writing process continued for another EP or album?
Yeah the writing process is something that doesn’t really stop with us! To get better you just have to write and write and write. We love it! We’re addicted to it, it’s incredible in so many ways. Not just fun, but you’re learning and your vision on music is being stretched wider! it’s a great rabbit hole to fall into!

Are there any other areas the band wants to explore sonically?
Hmmmmmmmmmm good question! I think Cry Like A Psycho is the closest we’ve gotten to a choir. but I would love to do a full on choir track!

What inspired the song I Could Eat A Full Packet Of Yo Yo’s?
It’s just a dance song really, encouraging people to stop thinking or caring about what they look like on the D floor because it’s not really about that! I fell in love with dancing when I realized that there were no rules and really I could do whatever I wanted!

Have you actually eaten a full packet of Yo Yo’s in one sitting?
I have not… hahaha, but I’ve eaten like two trays hahaha dipped in tea, magical!

How much fun was it making the film clip?
The film clip was lots of fun, we squeezed it into four/ five hours which was interesting! The Capri Theatre was a beautiful space to work in.

Where to next for Heaps Good Friends?
More writing, and hopefully more touring! (and seriously a choir?)

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Heaps Good Friends on the following dates…

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