The Avenue “Inspiration” Playlist

Drawing from synth new wave bands of the 80s and modern post-rock bands THE AVENUE’S anticipated new EP, NAMES, jumps out of the speakers with all the ferocity of a panther, pouncing on the listener, demanding their attention. But it’s those insanely catchy melodies delivered by emotive lead singer Sam Thomas, that really hook you in. Reminiscent of The 1975 and The Cure with dream pop and modern pop influences such as The XX and Chvches. The band have quickly gained a reputation for catchy pop numbers that have serious weight behind them.

The band drop by Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles HQ to create playlist that inspired the EP as they explain:

This playlist serves as a basic illustration of my mindset as a listener in addition to
being an artist during the writing and recording of our NAMES EP. The playlist
contains tracks that I believe analogize the numerous sonic motifs that we utilised
throughout the recordings. Songs like: Cardiac Arrest, Just What I Needed, Boys
Don’t Cry, and Your Body Is A Weapon could easily draw comparisons to our song

While more down-tempo, songs like: But the Regrets are Killing Me,
Purple Rain, Circles, and Chanel inform songs like Always.Always. Listening to the
playlist, you will also find shoegaze and esoteric electronic tracks that also resonate
with themes I find in my own head. Bands like Explosions in the Sky, My Bloody
Valentine, The Big Pink, and Boards of Canada all utilise similar writing and
producing techniques that have become typical in our own songs.

For more info on The Avenues and their new EP head to

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