The other half of this killer co-headline tour with Ghouls  is explosive Australian Rock/Metal 5 piece from Melbourne, FOXBLOOD. Taking no time at all in making a name for themselves in the worldwide music scene. Since the release of their debut record The Devil, The Dark & The Rain in late 2016, Foxblood have run through Australia three times, both on a headline and supporting ‘Roadrunner Records’ Make Them Suffer & UNFD’s Buried In Verona. Foxblood will be a force to watch in 2018 judging by their single Bittersweet. Tom Beale from the band answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

It’s a massive tour with Ghouls coming up, are you pumped?
Absolutely, it’s been a while since we’ve been on the road and we’re really excited for this one. We’ve been working super hard to make this tour our most impressive tour yet so hopefully everyone enjoys our new set.

Do you feel more competitive on a co-headline tour like this?
We’ve always been really competitive regardless of what show/tour we’re on. Wanting to be the best we possibly can be is always something that’s been a strong focus in the band.

What can punters expect from Foxblood on this tour?
A new refreshing set with songs we’ve never played live before that we’ve been working very hard on. This tour will be our most rehearsed tour yet with the reformation of the bands members.

How stoked have you been with how Bittersweet has been received?
Incredibly! We put a lot of emotion into that track, and we’re really happy that many people have loved it. Hopefully the response is even better for our new record.

One hundred thousand views, what was the band’s reaction when that number ticked over?
Joy. Knowing that so many people have listened to a song you wrote in your bedroom gives you a sense of a pride and satisfaction. It’s always nerve racking putting out new music so for that many people to listen and potentially enjoy it, makes us very happy.

Is the pressure on to follow up your debut record?
We believe our new record is miles above our debut record, so we’re not really feeling that pressure and we’re confident we can achieve what we want to as a band. So hopefully everyone shares that same view with us!

How is album number two shaping up?
It’s not far off now, we’ve been working really hard lately recording so we should be able to see the fruits of our labour soon.

Do you think the Foxblood sound has changed much?
The music is still written with the same integrity and the only thing that’s changed is the vocals. We’ll always love the vocals Chris did on our debut record, but are also excited for the change and to see what it does for the band.

Where to next for Foxblood?
Tour, record, write, repeat. We’re always trying to keep busy with anything music related so hopefully this year will bring us lots of great opportunities to spend time on the road with friends. Hopefully more internationally touring and hoping everyone enjoys the new live sound we have!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Foxblood on tour with Ghouls on the following dates…

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