Memorial @ Dunstan Playhouse, Festival Theatre, Adelaide 3/3/2018

Memorial is a very moving and at the same time a very serious show.

It is wonderful that Adelaide’s own Brink Productions was able to conceive and premiere this production at the Adelaide Festival. It was flawless and I expect it to be very well received in London where it is doing a run at the esteemed Barbican Centre

Memorial is an intricate production which expertly brings together various choirs, musicians, dancers and volunteers to create this fantastic experience.

Celebrated actor Helen Morse narrates a powerful poem from Alice Oswald that is her homage to the Illiad but so much more. Morse is the perfect choice for this as she has a beautiful dramatic voice that was melodic and hypnotic and as she is the sole speaker she has a fantastic memory for lines.

The score which reminded me of the fantastic Philip Glass was composed by Jocelyn Pook who has won awards for film and theatre scores and was superbly performed by a group of musicians above the stage which was an excellent design rather than having an orchestra pit. The singers above were also helped by choir below at various points. Towards the end when they all sang together it was absolutely glorious.

It took four years to fully develop this complex production and they should be proud of what they have accomplished.

The audience was very appreciative as they gave them a standing ovation at the end and hopefully, we can all look forward to many more Brink Productions in Adelaide.

Adelaide Festival Review by Richard De Pizzol

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