George Maple @ The Gov, Adelaide 23/2/2018

She has been described as fierce, strong and independent. George Maple’s Lover Tour at The Gov showed us just that. She commanded our attention with a spectacular light show and pumped up beats to keep us intrigued and in awe certainly making our “eyes go crazy and our hips shake from right to left”.

To warm up the crowd it was an all female line up with DJ Mimi dropping some slick beats and then Cxloe who was accompanied by a keyboardist and drummer to add a more live feel. The crowd were feeling her love as she took charge of the stage and belted out her set of original songs like her new single Tough Love.

Then from the smokey haze and strobing lights you hear the infectious beats of Lover all the while eagerly anticipating the presence of George Maple. I think it says it all when the girls behind me were quoting along to the words of the interlude to the title track Lover that this crowd was here to experience all things George Maple.

The Lover Tour is a slick and seductive production with stunning background visuals and beaming lights and then add in some high fashion to wow and dazzle us making Maple a style icon in her own right. You find yourself absorbed in the ambience and when she makes her appearance you’re already under her trance. Belting out the songs from her debut album starting with Lover then onto Sticks and Horses and Romancandy she takes you on a sensual and sexual journey.

One of my favourite songs of the album Buried was a highlight with Maple at her best storytelling with passion and conviction. The best reaction was reserved for crowd favourites Gemini and Talk Talk where Maple’s strong vocals were overpowered by the crowd. Not that she minded. The smile and adoration was hard to wipe from her face as she relished in the crowd taking over singing her songs word for word. Kryptonite was another crowd pleaser with its hypnotic pulsating beats.

Slowing it down with songs like the Jeff Buckley cover Everybody Here Wants You showcased Maple’s smooth and sultry vocals while Hold Me By The Waist and Slow Dancing showed once again her range and power.

The surprise of the night was when Maple broke out in a few verses of the Whitney Houston classic I Wanna Dance With Somebody before merging into her iconic song Hero. Once again the crowd erupted and sang along with the power vocal diva in the elevating her final song of the night to epic proportions. Many phones were on video for this one!

While it seems other cities didn’t get an encore Adelaide were treated to acoustic versions of Fixed and Hero with once again the crowd singing along. She captivated the audience and mesmerising them by her charm and infectious smile while keeping them wanting more. The crowd were still singing Hero long after she left the stage.

For those who stuck around after the show they were lucky to meet George Maple herself! With her signature Aperol Spritz in hand she warmly greeted fans and happily posed for photos. It’s always nice to see that an artist can take the time to talk and interact with fans. And yes these fans left happy and some with signatures on parts of the body left to the imagination! Memories were made and it looks like tonight George Maple was Adelaide’s Hero.

Review by Anastasia Lambis

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