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Daniel Johns returns with his new project, Boom Tish, who have just released their first single, a reinterpretation of The Easybeats’ tune Hello, How Are You? which is an absolute gem for The Rebeats EP.

The Rebeat EP is a tribute to one of Australia’s most loved and revered rock n roll bands, the Easybeats.  Featuring a five track lineup including Daniel Johns; who has assembled his Vivid LIVE band for a special one-off tribute under the name Boom Tish, KLP, The Bamboos featuring Montaigne, LDRU featuring Nicole Millar and San Cisco. KLP answers a few quick questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles about contributing the single Good Times to The Rebeat EP. Dave Jenkins Jr answers a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles about their contribution to The Rebeats EP.

How was the experience of being involved with honouring an awesome band The Easybeats?
Getting to dissect their music, and put it all back together in our own way was very inspiring. It’s sometimes easy to overlook the calibre of their writing skills until you lift the bonnet and get a good look under there.

Who and how were you approached to get involved?
We were working on new music at Daniel’s house and the call came in from Heath Johns (who is heading up the project). He asked us if we’d be interesting in working on a track for the compilation… naturally we agreed. The only catch being that Heath needed it within twenty four hours.

Was it tough working out which Easybeats song to cover?
Hello How Are You stuck out to us immediately. It has an air of eccentricity that really appealed to us. The imagery of the lyrics, and the restrained psychedelia of the music sounded like something we could write ourselves.

How awesome was it collaborating with Daniel Johns?
I have known Daniel for a couple of years now, and I always enjoy writing and recording with him. Daniel is, without a doubt, the most creatively driven person I have ever met. He will not stop until an idea is fully realised. Nothing gets in his way… sleep, hunger, hydration, somehow these basic human needs don’t apply to him.

Was it challenging also working out how to put your own spin on this song?
Funnily enough, it wasn’t. As soon as we heard it we all knew how we were going to approach it. I don’t think we even stopped for a moment to discuss it.. we started recorded immediately in Daniel’s living room. We often joke that we don’t need to talk anymore, we just have these weird symbiotic thoughts that link up when we’re all in a room together.

Did you find that this recording process pushed you out of your comfort zone?
Boom Tish doesn’t really have a comfort zone. We’re always pushing ourselves to do weird shit when we are recording. Our modus operandi for this particular track was “What did the Easy Beats think the future sounded like in the 60’s?”. We ended up with an interesting hybrid of 60’s sounds, with 80’s embellishments and some modern programming.

What did you think when you heard the final mix through?
We were not really sure how it would sound after tracking and producing it ourselves. We recorded a bunch of it on cassette, and tracked a lot of the drums with a single handheld microphone. Things like that can sometimes make the mixing process a little tricky but we shipped it off to Mitch Kenny (mixing engineer in LA) and hoped for the best. Needless to say we were very pleased with the results.

Was it great listening to the other artist contributions for the EP?
Love ’em! There’s some really fun moments in the San Cisco track, The Bamboos horn arrangement is dope, and Montaigne, Nicole Millar, and KLP all sound divine.

What does 2018 look like for Boom Tish?
More instagram posts and more music. At the moment it’s all very low key but we will keep you posted.

Interview by Rob Lyon

For more info on Boom Tish head to their official Facebook page.


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