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Sydney band Food Court have recently released their debut album Good Luck on Dine Alone Records. The band kicked off 2017 in a massive way with a US and Canada tour as well as playing at SxSW and landed on DIY Magazines “Best Things We Saw At SxSW” list. Good Luck is eleven tracks recorded with the esteemed John Castle at Shed Studios and includes singles Slightest Brightest and Not My Way which were both added to triple j. The band answered a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

How exciting a build up has it been in the lead up to the release of your debut album?
Think of a forty degree day followed by the afternoon southerly buster and times it by 1000 and that wouldn’t even come close to the build up and final climactic release.

Is there a hidden meaning in the album title Good Luck?
The title is either a shameless premonition or its sarcasm / irony / both so either way we meant it.

What was the most challenging part of making the album?
Finishing songs in the studio. Bit of pressure park getting some of em done in time but it all worked out.

Biggest lesson learnt and what wouldn’t you do next time?
Don’t eat yellow snow.

How would you describe Food Court to someone who has never heard of the band before?
Car hole music.

How did the band get together?
Various bands all folding around the same time and hours of shit talking at the pub evolving into a jam session…

Do you still remember your first jam session?
It has a misted lens, like its been shot on super 8 film, and has a narrator talking over it saying, “we didn’t know it at the time but me and my friends were the closest we’d ever been”.

What are the shared influences of the band?
Buying rounds / getting out of buying rounds by saying “I’ve gone cashless bro, I’ll transfer it to you later”.

How did you come up with the name?
We ran ideas up and down the flag pole until we unanimously settled on the shittest one.

Have you tried Googling that?
We have many times and there’s a surprising amount of people who take time out of their hectic schedules to review food courts all over the globe. On the topic of googling Food Court on the interwebs – big ups to the multitude of Indonesian kids in the Bandung Underground scene who have mistakenly ‘friended’ and promptly ‘unfriended’ us due to us sharing a name with the Indo band also called Food Court. We’re still interested in doing shows with them but they never return our calls 🙁

What does 2018 hold for Food Court?
It’s been a big year! A few more shows, just finished up a couple of mad ones with Los Scallywags and are hoping for more of that vibe. Five or six more before Christmas and we’ll be ready for a cuppa, a bickie and a lie down.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Food Court on the following dates…

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