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It’s hard to believe it has been over a decade since The Audreys released their debut offering Between Last Night & Us… 11 years in fact. The tenth anniversary sort of snuck up on the duo last year, so the celebrations are a little late, but no less exciting and the upcoming tour – aptly titled Between Last Night & Us is going to be a special trip down memory lane, and back again. With a string of dates that not only include some of The
Audreys’ favourite city venues, but also some out of the way spots they played back in the early days. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles spoke to Taasha Coates about the life and times of being in The Audreys.

Eleven years for The Audreys, there has to be some truth to the saying time flies when you are having fun?
There is, I know it is a bit stupid eleven years but not ten but we did actually go hey it has been ten years since our first record at some point last year but forgot to do anything about. It was kind of amazing it has been that long but we have done a lot in that time.

When you stop and reflect on the last eleven years are you amazed with how much you have achieved and still going strong?
I’ve also put out five records in that time also, wow! Toured countless times around Australia and overseas, played some amazing shows and meet some amazing people, it has been great.

How do you juggle life in a band and family commitments back home?
Not so much with my first baby but when I had my second I thought this was crazy and I have to stop this. I’m away and I would come home making forty dollars, this is just stupid and I have to do something more sensible for my family. Ultimately, this is what I have to do and I struggled with that for a little while but people would say that I can’t not be a musician this is who you are. I have two boys and I like the idea of them seeing their mum with a career and a passion. I think that is an important thing for boys to see. Following your heart and where we’re struggling for money is not what it is about really.

Does it get easier?
Not really, it has got worse and worse since I first started in this business.

Just as well you have some vintage merchandise to sell at the shows? Can you part with this stuff?
Yeah! The number of times I have moved house or sorted out the shed it is like why the fuck am I holding on to this shit for. I knew one day it would come in handy!

Are your memories of when Between Last Night And Us came out still quite strong?
I have a really clear memory of the first time we were played on the radio. We were driving between Adelaide and Melbourne, we knew that it had been played but we were overseas and had not directly heard it ourselves. It was Roy & HG on Triple J and they back announced it as Auuudreeeyss, you know that funny way they talk. We got that excited we nearly crashed the car. Now, when I hear one of our songs on the radio I’m like oh gosh turn it off!

We used to get in the van, hit the road and come home two months later with no clean dacks. That was crazy fun thing to do when you are young. The band becomes your family, sleeping in crummy backpackers, scrap money together for petrol and all that sort of stuff. I miss those days sometimes, it was fun and you just don’t know what is ahead, you don’t know if this is going to be it. I think you have to have one good record in you so you need to soak it all in and enjoy it all in case it all falls over and you wind up getting a job in a bank.

Have you been documenting the history of the band?
That would be a good idea! My mum has kept press articles and stuff like that but you miss a lot of that stuff because you have left the town before something is published. When we do interviews people ask us to reminisce and we have a few favourites which keep coming up. Doing this tour with Cam (Tristan’s brother) was on our first record and never toured with. He has had a really successful acting career so never had the time to tour with the band. I think we’ll do some pretty funny reminiscing about the early days of the band when the three of us get together.

Are you playing the album start to end?
Totally! We put so much thought in to the order of those tracks, like days, agony!

Have you forgotten how to play some of those songs tucked away at the back end of that album?
Hopefully not, we’re about to find out! We actually have a book, Tristan and I did a bunch of house concerts earlier this year and it was all by request. We get to the gig and ask people what they wanted to hear so we put together a song book that had the words and the chords for all of our songs off every album. It is all documented, written down and all recorded so it shouldn’t be too hard to pull together. We had people come up and look through the book, pick out some songs, sometimes it would be like oh god that’s not how I remember it!

Were those house concerts a lot of fun?
It was great fun, loved it! Some of them were quite big and people had one hundred of their closest friends turn up and even a food truck. Some were quite epic, usually if you put on a house concert it is because you have a really beautiful house. We travelled around Australia, played and stayed in some beautiful properties with incredible views, meet some amazing people.

Is the rest of the set filled with greatest hits and memories?
Yeah, tits and memories!

What’s next for The Audreys?
Tristan and I are going to sit down early next year and begin writing and see if there is anything there. There’s something in particular that happens when Tristan and I get together. It is about the way he plays guitar and the way I sing, the way we write together is a given, we couldn’t put out a punk record! We are restricted by that in some ways but a certain amount of freedom in that too. I think we want to try things but not confuse people, at the core of it, it is still you.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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