Adelaide artist, MANE is back with her daring new single What If The Love Dies . MANE’s latest offering is a beautiful mix of blues and electronica, giving it an edgy, dark pop sound, and is about the struggles of a long distance relationship between a couple, brilliantly reflected in the clip with MANE and her band blindfolded as a reference to how “love is blind”.

MANE has already received glowing reviews from her Triple J peers, Dom Alessio (Home & Hosed), Zan Rowe and Dave Ruby Howe (Unearthed) who has already gifted the single four stars. Currently on route back to Australia from an impressive fourteen date European tour,  MANE will hit the road for a tour on home soil to launch What If The Love Dies playing Melbourne, Adelaide, Wollongong & Sydney in October/November. MANE answered some quick questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

Has 2017 felt like a bit of a blur with everything that is happening for you?
2017 has maybe been the most difficult yet best year of my life so far. I’m not sure I have any other way of putting it hah! I’m of course so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given through music and have played some of my best shows to date this year so in that aspect everything is really good!

What has been the standout moment so far this year?
WOMADELAIDE was really fun and possibly the biggest most appreciative crowd I’ve played too but I also loved touring UK and Europe throughout August.

What did you think when you heard your music on the radio for the first time?

What is the story behind your single What If The Love Dies?
It’s about the frustration and longing involved between two people in a long distance relationship.

Were your hands on with the film clip and provide lots of ideas to its direction?
I definitely had an initial vision and a bunch of ideas that I wanted to push throughout the clip but Kieren (Crystal Arrow Films) helped story board it and guided the weirdness with his magical eye for film and wiz video effects.

Are there plans for an EP or an album early next year?
I’m definitely constantly writing towards that however at the moment just focusing on singles – more new music coming in the not too distant future hopefully!

Sonically, where do you think you’ll take it?
I think definitely a bit more of a blend between electronic and organic elements. I love really anthemic music with gang vocals and huge builds and keeping a visual in mind. So hopefullysomewhere in between all of those things!

Is it tough trying to forge a career from Adelaide or do you think that stigma is not relevant any more?
I think there is such a huge support network in Adelaide for the arts at the moment especially in music between the likes of ART’s SA, Music SA and the Music Development Office. I think as long as you’re trying to still play and reach other states markets as much as you can there isn’t a huge disadvantage to it, if a disadvantage at all.

What can music lovers expect to see at these upcoming shows?
New and Old songs and of course the single! It should be lots of fun and I’m just really excited to be touring again.

What’s next for Mane beyond these dates?
I’ve been writing a lot and will hopefully have some new music soon! Waiting on a mix of what might be the next single this week actually!

Interview by Rob Lyon

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