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What do you do when a couple of the most iconic Australian dance songs of all time are lingering in your back catalogue? Well you get some of Australia’s hottest producers to remix them!!! That’s what happened a few years ago on Madison Avenue’s iconic Don’t Call Me Baby which saw Motez, Andy Van, Just a Gent & Filterkat remixes hit dance floors and club charts globally, including a Beatport #3.

Now they’re letting the new kids on the block loose on: Who The Hell Are You, Madison Avenue’s huge follow up and Number 1 Pop Chart hit from 2000.  Kicking off the HUGE remix pack is original Madison Avenue producer Andy Van who shows he has lost none of his deft ear for a wicked groove, with his disco house inspired 2017 remix.  Dynamite house producer Dom Dolla delivers his fresh vibes, bringing a slick bass driven remix to the package, with both full vocal and dub mixes.  Then Baytek joins in with a cranking, baseline driven re-work, again both in Vocal and Dub forms.  Dr Packer, no stranger to the disco re-edit, takes it down the throw back, everything old is new again, rework vibe.

Modern Citizens bring a deep chilled feel, with the original full vocal, clean drums and moody key pads.  And last but by no means least, Melbourne beats Don Illstrtd brings his future R&B style and turns the original vocal on it’s head with a completely fresh slowed down funky vibe! All up a cracking set of remixes which will put this classic back onto dance floors around the world. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with mastermind Andy Van.

What’s the latest for Andy Van?
Pretty much the usual DJing every weekend entering and production during the week, and working on next Vandalism release for Christmas.

Did you think right now you would be riding high with two singles in the ARIA charts?
Awesome question… Cassie and I are so stoked that Vandalism reached number 1 and with Who The Hell Are You at reaching number three we are just floored with the support and reactions.

Does it surprise you with what is old is new again?
There’s always a place for classics and old school tracks but this early is a lot of support an interest in old school at the moment, particularly tracks from late 90s early 2000

Do you think Madison Avenue will continue to make a resurgence?
I think this re-release is where we’re at at the moment, maybe in a few years will remix another Madison Avenue classic.

Is there a plan to do new material?
Not at the moment but never say never hey.

What is it about Don’t Call Me Baby and Who The Hell Are You that has kept them so popular and relevant today?
I think the production was very strong and punching and with the vocals bring so so catchy those two elemens just enabled the tracks to remain relevant & hold their ground for almost two decades.. Also some tracks just don’t seem to date, not sure why, tracks like Around the World or One more Time by Daft Punk you can listen to it now and theyre still as greater as they used to be and where so so happy that that’s seems to have occurred with our two tracks.

How different is your other project Vandalism?
Madison Avenue with something that was disco house based with catchy female pop vocals, Vandalism is more of a electronic dance  based artist with slightly tougher production and aimed at nightclubs and DJ’s

Does heading up Vicious Recordings keep you busy?
I run the label with John course so he takes a lot of the load as well it’s a great fun ride and we’ve been doing it for so long we’ve got a really tight running machine.

Is the future bright with plenty of up and comers to get excited about?
Yeah, got an awesome new Vandalism track coming out in December and lots more to ring and gigs on the way.

What’s next for Andy Van?
I’ve actually done some collaboration Productions with some local  producers which will be coming out in the new year.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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