Waterparks have fast become one of the most talked about upcoming pop-punk bands, with their debut full length Double Dare, produced by Benji Madden, receiving incredible reviews just about everywhere from fans and the music industry. Waterparks are heading to Australia for the first time to support The Maine which promises to be an awesome tour having supported the likes of Never Shout Never, Sleeping With Sirens and Good Charlotte. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a very quick Q&A with the band ahead of the tour.

It must be very exciting to not only tour Australia but to be also touring with The Maine?
Both are pretty neat! I hope the fuzzy animals outweigh the shitty spiders. It’ll be sick to finally meet people that like what we do in Australia. The first time in other continents is always wild.

Have you ever tried Googling the band name? Weirdest search result?
Nothing super out of the ordinary. We come up. Water park pictures come up. Sometimes pictures of Aaron Carter too, so that’s siiiiiiiick.

What have you learnt touring with all these great bands?
It’s a paradox. I’ve learned the importance of 8 hours of sleep a night on tour from a bunch of band guys that stay out and get about 0.

Have you been happy with how your album Double Dare has been received?
Yeah, the album went over really well. I’m super excited because we just finished recording the second one before this UK headline tour we’re on now.

Stand out moment from being in the band so far?
You can’t ask me to pick one moment! That totally downplays the years of doing all this! Ask me this question next year.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Waterparks on tour with The Maine…

The Maine Australian Tour Poster



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