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It all started in 1999, when a group of Dutch young deejays and talented producers saw their free collaboration culminate into a project selling over one million albums and five million singles worldwide.  The controversially titled album Who Needs Guitars Anyway? spawned no less than five international hits: Will I Ever, The Lonely One, Back in my Life, Celebrate our Love and Better Off Alone.

In 2002 the energetic front woman Judy and the ‘behind the scene’ members of the group decided to call it quits.  The hits of Alice DJ though, never stopped being air and clubplay favorites.  Then, in 2013 something was in the air, Shakira called.  She was working on her new album and wanted to record a new version Better off Alone. No less than one month later; David Guetta on the phone, who just finished recording Play Hard with Ne-Yo and Akon, requesting permission to include the ‘killer hook’ from Better Off Alone. Resulting in another worldwide smash for David and renewed attention for Alice DJ.  Alice DJ is back in business with a new voice and face, Amsterdam DJ and singer Ilona, managed by the founding fathers of the group, so it’s all in the family.  Featuring the original Alice DJ hit singles and with powerful medleys and live mash-ups celebrating the best dance hits of the 90’s and 00’s. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a Q&A with Alice ahead of the tour.

Are you looking forward to touring Australia as part of the “Ultimate Wild Tour”?
Yes! I am!! And the whole Alice DJ team is really excited to do this tour!! It’s hard to believe perhaps, but this will be my first time in your beautiful country. Funny story: I’m very friendly with the Vengaboys and they have told me that in Australia you’re not just performing “in front of” the audience but you’re performing “WITH” the audience!

What can Australian dance music fans expect from your set?
A celebration! We never exactly know what will happen because it’s a live show and we change stuff around all the time. But expect a lot of positive energy and definitely no change to stand still, 138 bpm and beyond baby!

Is this one of the best festival line ups you have been a part of?
I’m super stoked to share the stage with great acts like for Fragma and DJ Sammy. Plus I will get the chance to meet Nick Skitz who is an Australian hero but didn’t go unnoticed in Europe because of his mixes.  Fragma and Alice DJ were label mates at the legendary Positiva records UK. Fragma’s songs and productions have been so good that their classics sound super fresh to this day.

What was it like working with Shakira?
Hahahaha! Which little bird told you to ask me this question? Now I’m wondering how you heard this. I can’t disclose anything except: Some time ago Shakira’s team contacted the Alice DJ team because… eeeh.. Shakira had a question.. But we didn’t meet. That’s all I can tell you. Sorry. Everybody I know absolutely LOVES Shakira. She’s inspiring, empowering and suuuuuper sexy.

To have David Guetta wanting to include the killer hook from “Better Off Alone” must be a huge buzz?
Wow! Yeah! It’s a big compliment that for the past four years or so David Guetta – the most legendary DJ/producer on the planet – has NEVER done a dj set without playing his ‘remix’ of Better off Alone. That includes the massive gig at the UEFA football championship opening. It has influenced our career a bit because it helped the younger fans to find their way to Alice DJ too. So: Merci monsieur Guetta! Apart from that; David Guetta is a perfect example that – if you have good energy and take care of yourself- age really doesn’t matter anymore. He will turn 50 in November and still has millions of 16- year old fans.

How has the new face and voice DJ and singer Ilona fit in to the collective?
Like a dream. Thank you for asking! As you can find in our first biography from 1999; Alice DJ has always been a very inclusive collective. It’s like that in the the whole music scene right now; It’s the team work that makes the dream work. But to be sure; Come and check us out live.

How do you fit all your hits in to the set? Must be a good position to be in?
Haha! Great question! We love to surprise the audience with some some other great 90’s and 00’s high energy dance music but the most important thing at an Alice DJ concert is that you get to dance and sing along to all the Alice DJ hits. Australia, here we come!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Catch Alice DJ on the following dates…

The Ultimate Wild Tour Dates:

Friday 17 November – Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane
Guest DJs: MC Kidd Kaos, Pete Smith, DJ Hakka
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Saturday 18 November – Big Top Luna Park, Sydney
Guest DJs: Alex K, KCB, MC Kidd Kaos, Outsource
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Friday 24 November – Trak Lounge, Melbourne
Guest DJs: MC Kidd Kaos & Andy Van (Madison Avenue)
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Saturday 25 November – Metro City, Perth
Guest DJs: MC Kidd Kaos, DJ DTuck, Rousa, Kenny L
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