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Wild Meadows are making their presence known with Feel the Noise, the lead single from their forthcoming debut self-titled LP. A blend of pulsating noise-pop, psych-rock and shoegaze, the track is the first offering from Wild Meadows with this new line-up, with singer Jessica Lawrence, guitarist Dylan Bird and drummer Simon Gemmill joining original members James Ross (guitar/vocals) and Donovan Pill (bass). Hailing from different corners of Australia and the world, the band’s current members came together in mid-2016 and immediately set about writing material for this new album – a follow-up to the band’s 2015 EP.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Paul ‘Woody’ Annison (Black Cab, Rocket Science) and mastered by William Bowden (The Church, Gotye), Wild Meadows’ self-titled LP is set for release in early 2018. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with Donovan Pill from the band.

What’s the latest for Wild Meadows?
We just finished up recording our debut album with the Paul ‘Woody Annison at Red Door Sounds and we’re just launching our first single ‘Feel the Noise’ ahead of an album release early next year.

Interesting name, what’s the background behind it?
Nothing in particular to be honest.  Naming a band is always tough and we were kind of more interested in writing songs so we just wanted to come up with something that we all liked which kinda felt like it belonged alongside our music.  Wild Meadows felt like a good fit and something we were all happy with.

How would you describe your band’s sound to a music fan?
Part shoegaze, part psychadelic, part krautrock… but not necessarily in equal parts.

How did the band get together?
James and I met through another project and pretty soon started talking about starting a band together.  We set about getting people for what would become Wild Meadows and, after a few changes here and there over time, we’re playing with a great bunch of people.

What are the common influences that brought the band together?
Definitely a love of similar music but also a shared sense of wanting to make music with like minded people.  We’d all been in a variety of bands before and really value playing with people you can also hang out with, drink with, talk music, go to gigs, etc.  From there we really set about finding sounds together that we liked and embarking on extended jams as often as we could.

What is the single Feel The Noise about?
James wrote the song and has described it as being about the feelings that come from embracing impulsiveness and the euphoria of being able to ‘let go’.  When I listen to it I definately get the sense of that which is part of what I like most about the track.

Any plans for a film clip?
Not at this stage unfortunately.  We’ve put most of our focus into the recording and haven’t really put the same time and energy into getting a film clip together.  No doubt the song will make it to YouTube with a static picture of the cover but I don’t really think that counts!  We do plan to lift our game film clip wise in future!

How is work progressing on the album?
Things are going really well with the album.  We wrapped up recording with Woody earlier and he’s done an exceptional job in production and mixing.  We recently had the masters back from William Bowden at King Willy Sound who’s worked his magic on them and we’re all really happy with how it’s all sounding.  There’s a bit more to get together still but the plan is to launch the album in early 2018.

What is the big goal for the band heading in to 2018?
There are a few goals we have for next year like launching the album and getting back in the studio to work on the next record but we’re really looking forward to returning to playing more live shows and are particularly keen to tour next year so we’ll be looking to get that together as soon as we can.

Interview by Rob Lyon

Wild Meadows will launch the single on Saturday 30th September at the Northcote Social Club.



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