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If you grew up in the golden era of MySpace then you will be thrilled by this blast from the past, with the announcement that NEVER SHOUT NEVER is celebrating a decade of music and headed for Australian shores this November and December, returning to their roots on the Throwback Tour 2017. The band will be playing The Yippee and Me & My Uke EP’s in full whilst also taking fan requests.

It was 2008’s ridiculously catchy The Yippee EP and the sweet melodies of 2009’s Me & My Uke that garnered world-wide attention for Christofer, with each EP further separating him from his like-minded MySpace and YouTube singer/songwriter wannabes. His “youthfully angelic voice” and his knack for creating poetic and optimistic songs had critics and fans alike “feverishly searching iTunes in hopes there’s more”.  Under The Gun was quick to label The Yippee EP as “quite possibly the best acoustic EP you will hear in 2008,” and scoring ‘Me & My Uke’ an 8/10!

Rolling Stone Magazine describe NEVER SHOUT NEVER’s concerts as “worshipful affairs” and be assured that these upcoming Australian shows will promise no different as the band celebrates their earliest material, giving audiences the opportunity to reconnect with their love affair of Christofer Drew Ingle and the two beloved EP’s that gave birth to NEVER SHOUT NEVER.

“It’s fun to see an older crowd at our shows,” Drew says. “We’re getting people our age coming out—people in their mid-20s that are reminiscing on high school and things like that.”

After having already completed two legs of the Throwback tour in the U.S and about to kick off their third, the band are very eager to return to the country and perform to their Australian fans in a bid to create some nostalgia, a yearning for their former teenage glory years and, in doing so, helping to find a new relevance within these songs today, just as the band has by performing them again.

Christofer says, “This Throwback Tour has allowed us to rediscover songs we haven’t played in forever and see what those songs mean to us now after everything that we’ve been through, because we’ve been through a lot as a band and a lot as people”.

Be quick in securing your tickets as this may well be your last chance to hear NEVER SHOUT NEVER perform their earlier material live once more!

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