The Horrors Release Album Number Five “V”

The Horrors return with their stunningly assertive fifth album V via Wolf Tone / Caroline Australia. V shows the group at the peak of their powers, exhibiting a freedom and sense of exploration that feels truly liberating.

“It is a risk,” says Faris Badwan discussing the band’s bold refusal to stand still. “But life isn’t much fun without risk. It’s the antithesis of being creative if you know what you’re going to be doing every time.”

The album was first previewed by the single Machine which sees the group at their majestic, imperial best, although the ten tracks on the album are so diverse that when the final song and future single Something To Remember Me By appears to channel dance, trance and ‘80s pop genres it feels like both the most natural thing in the musical world and also the most surprising.

Keyboardist Tom Furse continues: “It’s natural, if you do see yourself as an artist, to progress and not play it safe. Bowie pre-empted the modern condition of not being able to stay in one place for very long, and I get frustrated with bands who stay still. Because then it does become a career.”

V was recorded in London with producer Paul Epworth, who has worked with FKA Twigs, Lorde, Rihanna, Adele, London Grammar, Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey and Paul McCartney, amongst many others. The album artwork comes from talented VFX artist and director Erik Ferguson, who is known for his abstract and intriguing creative vision.

“When we started,” explains bassist Rhys Webb, “we had a very clear idea of what we wanted to do, which was to make as furious a noise as possible, a fast and violent racket. But even though we started with this punky garage sound there was always this real spirit of wanting to experiment and explore.”

V is the sound of a band making undoubtedly the most expansive and progressive music of their careers.

Formed in 2005, The Horrors are Faris Badwan (lead vocals), Tom Furse (keyboards, synthesizer), Joshua Third (guitar), Joe Spurgeon (drums), Rhys Webb (bass).  


1. Hologram
2. Press Enter To Exit
3. Machine
4. Ghost
5. Two Way Mirror
6. Weighed Down
7. World Below
8. Gathering
9. It’s A Good Life
10. Something To Remember Me By

The Horrors - V

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