The Beards To Release Final Show On…

The Beards’ record-breaking and beard-shaking 2016 Farewell Tour culminated with a massive final show in their hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. Captured on film in front of a packed-to-the-rafters crowd at the iconic Governor Hindmarsh Hotel, The Beards delivered a truly memorable sign-off to a remarkable live career. Now, the band is pleased to give fans and newcomers alike the chance to re-live every sweaty moment of that momentous occasion as they present the full 2hr concert in 1080p, loaded onto an awesome and unique Beards comb-shaped USB stick.

“I know we say this about every gig, but that show truly was the beardiest gig ever” reflects drummer John Beardman Jr. “Now with the release of the video, our timeless pro-beard message will continue to be heard throughout the ages. Plus it’s on a comb-shaped USB which is totally boss.”

This limited release will be sold exclusively through The Beards online store, and will be available worldwide on World Beard Day, September 2nd 2017. Gone from touring, but surely never forgotten by the beard-loving Australian public, The Beards pro-beard campaign continues to live on.

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