Australian born, LA-raised producer Hansaa, aka Vinay Matta, has just made his debut with the stunning single Need To Know, co-produced alongside LA-based production duo soso and featuring the stunningly raw and unmistakable vocals of Oliver Tank.

Hansaa dropped the track on Soundcloud just 2 weeks ago and it’s already had 12,500 streams, an awesome feat for a debut single – showing the strength of the track! The accompanying video for this one is really something. Directed by Belgian filmmaker Julien Pircher, there is no doubt this story is dark – and therein a light is shone upon human relationships, the beauty and the hardship, and the sometimes terrifying nature of mental illness. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with Hansaa about the single.

Is it a bit of a relief to have the single out now?
Yeah it feels awesome. We were sitting on the single since we received the master back in early January just track stacking and now we’re ready to release a bunch of other amazing singles too.

Do you feel stoked knowing the song has had some 12,500 streams of Spotify?
It’s a great feeling receiving plays no doubt but I find it’s really rewarding and nice when you see such amazing and supportive comments or messages from people you don’t know left in your inbox regarding it. It makes me feel like I’m doing really good at my job.

Whilst streams are great is it frustrating also knowing that you still have bills to pay?
Fortunately I’m living at home for the time being so my dad has that covered. XD

What’s the story behind the song?
The story behind the song is about fragility and human vulnerability.

How would you describe your sound?
In a few words definitely ethereal, emotional, experimental, ambient and cinematic

How did the involvement with Oliver Tank come about?
I wrote the instrumental with Danny and Ryan. It was so good I was eager to find a vocalist as soon as possible. I was on hypem and indie shuffle for days trying to find the perfect fit. Oliver’s song Up all Night came on and he was the right fit. We had a few Skype sessions together exchanged ideas and after a couple of mixing sessions, voila!

Does it inspire you for other releases?
It definitely does, I think I carry a lot of elements from the song into future releases but I’m always changing and I can’t write the same type of song twice.

Who would be your ultimate artists to collaborate with?
Damn, that’s a hard one, its always changing but as of now I’d have to say Banks, A$AP Rocky and Apparat.

What did you think when you heard it on the radio for the first time?
I thought it was awesome, I was on my way to a meeting and only caught 30 seconds of it but it was super cool for Gen Fricker on triple J to play it! Shout out to Gen!

Did you have any involvement with filmmaker Julien Pircher in making the video?
I discovered Julien’s work through Facebook and immediately fell in love with his aesthetic and style. I let him take creative control over the video.

What’s next for Hansaa?
The soso guys and myself have a handful of amazing singles featuring some really sweet artists including A.CHAL, G4SHI and MTNS.

Interview by Rob Lyon


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