First Gig In Seven Years For Mammal

It’s been 7 years and 9 months since Mammal collectively drove their raw brand of Lamborghini rock ‘n’ roll straight off a cliff, but today the flaming fireball of visceral energy and groove known as Mammal have announced they will reform to play one show at Melbourne’s Max Watt’s on Friday 27 October.

In less than four years, this rock and roll kismet machine recorded a 5 track EP, two live albums, one studio album, one double A side single whilst simultaneously dominating live spaces across Australia, NZ and the UK.  Quickly earning a reputation as one of modern rock’s most visceral, mosh pit friendly and dangerous bands, they proceeded to play every major festival in Australia, winning punters over with their infectious energy and stadium level stage show.  These festival appearances lead to scores of sold out shows touring Australia and the UK all the while remaining fiercely independent, aggressively humanitarian and musically prolific.

On October 31, 2009, Mammal suddenly and unceremoniously cancelled all remaining gigs and split up, leaving legions of fans, promoters and record labels scratching their heads.  After years of silence and with seemingly no possible chance of resolution in sight, the band decided the time was right to bury the past, look to the future and start the healing process. What better way than through the vehicle that brought them together in the first place, music.

Unsure of what the future holds for a band that has famously always operated on a razor’s edge, lead singer and front man extraordinaire Ezekiel Ox says, “We hope the fans are happy with the outcome, it’s been feeling great for all four of us getting this beast back on track.  Accept no imitation and put the past behind you. Mammal is back, for now, who knows where this might lead.”  But if history is anything to go by, when it comes to Mammal anything can and most probably will happen, and fans are being warned to expect the unexpected.

With a ripping live show that the band was best known for, Ezekiel spits out his passionate diatribe with a wild-eyed maniacal zeal, fusing radid-fire rhetoric and soaring melody, while guitarist Pete lays down the sort of riffage that have any punter’s fist unconsciously forming the horned salute.  And throughout, the lock-steady rhythm section deliver the kind of grooves you can feel in your gut.

New World Artists very proudly presents the long awaited return of Mammal.

Mammal is Ezekiel Ox (vocals), Pete Williamson (guitar), Nick Adams (bass) and Zane Rosanoski (drums).

Mammal – We’re back!

Mammal Gig Poster

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