Emerging from the South East corner of Queensland comes Whoa! Meeting at Griffith University on the Gold Coast only last year, this quintet consists of a diverse mix of musicians, all who have incredible talent, energy and stage presence that has gained them a fierce reputation around their hometown. With only four shows under their belt, the band have supported Sydney band Planet, The Vanns and played the Ozfest After Party (Ball Park Music, British India).

They then announced their debut headline show, and over 300 paying ticket holders were drooling over Whoa!’s ever unpredictable live set, almost selling out Miami Shark Bar, and cementing the band’s reputation as one of the Gold Coast’s most formidable live bands. With their debut single Stay The Night set for release in late June, Whoa! are set to make huge waves in 2017. Levi from the band answered a few questions for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What’s the latest for Whoa?
Currently we’re playing quite a few shows! On the 45th we’re heading to Brisbane to play at the Foundry with Shag Rock, then next Thursday we’re playing with The Vanns at the Sunshine Coast followed by the sold out Byron Bay show for Ocean Alley.

The new single Stay The Night – what’s the background to that one?
Sex, love and everything in between.

How would you describe your sound to the rest of Australia?
Aussie pop rock apparently

Are you working on an EP or an album and how is that progressing?
We’re constantly writing and developing new music. At the moment, we’re working on our next single.   Do you think that doing everything yourself would be so consuming? Honestly, it isn’t too bad. This is what we love, so it’s time well spent. We graciously get a lot of help from others we know.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given so far?
Don’t write on walls.

How did the band get together?
We actually created this project for an assignment for university. Since we have continued to evolve it.

What are the shared influences of the band?
Quite a few, but this obvious would extend from Psychedelic bands Tame Impala, King Gizzard through to various indie rock and brit pop bands.

Where to from here?
Just a few scribbles in a book, come to a show though – you’ll understand. We’re planning new shows and parties to bring to you, and were also working on heaps of material were gonna release soon. Keep your ears out for some extended jams and warehouse parties.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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