Liam Gallagher Debut Solo Album

Liam Gallagher’s high profile return has already encompassed life-affirming live shows, over 12 million streams of lead track Wall Of Glass, and the recent Chinatown, which Rolling Stone compared to the Oasis classic Champagne Supernova.

Liam’s next step towards the October 6th release of his debut solo album As You Were comes with the brand new track For What It’s Worth.

Produced by Dan Grech-Marguerat, For What It’s Worth was written by Liam with Simon Jons. Liam’s iconic vocal captures the power and emotion required to deliver the kind of towering, anthemic chorus that his voice is built for.

“I wanted to write an apology,” says Liam. “Not to one person, but to everyone, because I’m no good at saying sorry. That song is a tune.”

Liam wrote or co-wrote almost every song that features on As You Were. In addition to Dan Grech-Marguerat, other key collaborators include Greg Kurstin, Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, and Michael Tighe. One of the most striking aspects of the album is that all the songs have a purpose. There’s no flab, nothing to cut. They all feel directed at something or someone, setting the record straight or getting his side of the story over.

“I didn’t want to be reinventing anything or going off on a space jazz odyssey,” he says. “It’s the Lennon ‘Cold Turkey’ vibe, The Stones, the classics. But done my way, now.”

The track listing for As You Were is:

  1. Wall Of Glass
  2. Bold
  3. Greedy Soul
  4. Paper Crown
  5. For What It’s Worth
  6. When I’m In Need
  7. You Better Run
  8. I Get By
  9. Chinatown
  10. Come Back To Me
  11. Universal Gleam
  12. I’ve All I Need

Bonus tracks on deluxe editions of the album:

  1. Doesn’t Have To Be That Way
  2. All My People / All Mankind
  3. I Never Wanna Be Like You

As You Were is now available to pre-order HERE with Wall Of Glass, Chinatown and For What It’s Worth provided as instant downloads. It will be released on digital (standard and deluxe), CD deluxe and vinyl.

A special box set is also available HERE. It compiles a coloured 12” vinyl of the album, an exclusive 7” format of For What It’s Worth, a print designed by Klaus Voorman (the artist behind The Beatles’ Revolver album cover) and additional collectors’ items.

Liam Gallagher - As You Were

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