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Who the hell is Josh Reck? Glad you asked, Josh Reck is making his mark on the pop scene with his new single Commitment. Commitment is the first single off of his Story Teller EP which is lined up for release late September 2017. With music production from Justin Bieber’s very own sound engineer and a leading-edge music video to boot, Commitment  will stand out above the latest pop-talent coming out of Australia. Josh did a Q&A with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles talking about the single and what’s ahead for Josh Reck.

Is it an exciting time in the lead up to the release of Story Teller EP?
There has been a lot of hard work and planning that has gone into the EP and it’s really exciting that we are getting closer and closer to the EP’s release! I’m so keen for everyone to hear and see what I’ve been working on.

I think each track on the EP definitely showcases different aspects of my songwriting and vocal skills. I’m really proud of the songs I’ve created and how much I’ve developed through the experience.

When it was finished was there the feeling of relief or satisfaction?
Of course! When you go into the recording studio, you don’t really know what you’re going to walk away with. There is certainly a huge sense of relief that came with finishing the Story Teller EP and I’m so happy with how it sounds! It really exceeded my expectations!

Did you learn a lot about yourself in recording the EP?
Absolutely! I really learned about how far I can push myself vocally and within my song writing skills. It’s really the combination of all the small things coming into play and having that attention to detail so that everything is perfect.

Is there anything you wouldn’t do on the next recording?
There isn’t anything that I can say I wasn’t happy with or wouldn’t do on the next recording. I think it’s important to be in the moment when recording and being open to things that come to you.

How would you describe your sound?
My sound is very Pop focused. I have a really deep and rich tone to my voice and when accompanied with my harmonies, I found this to be my signature sound. I definitely infuse contemporary musical elements to give my music that Pop sound and feel. My melodies and lyrics are what I focus on to bring out the underlying emotions of the story.

What artists do you look up to for inspiration?
I always have looked up to Michael Jackson, he was my inspiration for starting to sing. Along the way, I’ve also been really inspired by Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5. Those 3 artists have really shaped my song writing and musical taste.

Is it hard for any pop artist to be able to break through the clutter and be heard?
It really is! I must say there are so many talented people making new music and trying to break through and that definitely makes it harder to be heard. People have so much musical choice these days! I’ve focused on producing high-quality music that people can relate to and enjoy, as that is most important to me.

Does the state of pop music frustrate you as well?
It can get a bit frustrating because as artists we want our songs to be heard. I want to help Australian Pop music become mainstream and for it to​ be received at a global level. We’re producing great music, so it’s only a matter of time before that happens and I’ll do whatever it takes to get our music there.

Did you have fun making the video for Commitment?
It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. We shot the whole video in one day and the energy on set was amazing. From the acting scenes, to the night time performance scenes with the intelligent lights, it was just so surreal.

Since it was my first music video, nothing could’ve prepared me for the feelings I experienced. A lot of planning went into it so it was great to see everything unfold and work with such an awesome production team. I’m really proud of how the video turned out.

How did you go learning the dance moves?
I only started dancing two months before the music video. I did three classes a week in order to improve and get into shape for the video. A month out from the video, I learned three different routines for the chorus. I had quite a few rehearsals with the choreographer, James Deane, and practiced for hours daily up until the music video. It definitely wasn’t easy as the schedule was packed with little time but I really enjoyed it and I think I pulled it off in the end.

Is there an album in the works?
I’ve been writing new music since finishing up in the studio so there’s definitely some new tunes on the way.

Are you looking forward to getting out and touring nationally and internationally?
I cannot wait! There’s nothing better than being on stage connecting with people through my music and sharing the love for music. It’s probably the most rewarding part about being a singer-songwriter.

Where to next for Josh Reck?
I’ve definitely got some things lined up along the horizon but I want to release and promote the EP and I’m eager to see where it leads me and my career.  I want to see what aspects of my music people enjoy so I can give them more of that!

Interview by Rob Lyon

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