Easy Fever

In December 2017 Australian rock n roll royalty, Chris Cheney (The Living End), Phil Jamieson (Grinspoon), Kram (Spiderbait), Tex Perkins (The Cruel Sea) and Tim Rogers (You Am I) bring you a power-packed musical journey celebrating the legacy of the Easybeats and their legendary singer Stevie Wright.

Backed by the Easy Fever All-Star Band Jak Housden (The Whitlams), Ashley Naylor (Even), Dario Bortolin (Baby Animals), Dave Hibbard (Joe Bonamassa) and Clayton Doley (Divinyls) This will be a musical journey like no other.

“The Australian rock’n’roll landscape would look very different without the contribution of the Easybeats.”

“I adore The Easybeats. The tunes, the look, the sound. It gets me. I’m equal parts nervous, excited & daunted by taking on these huge songs live.”

“I’m lookin’ forward heaps to these Easybeats tribute shows with the likes of Tex, Tim, Chris & Jamo … to get the honour of performing this legendary band’s songs live is awesome for all of us as we are such huge fans. They were the first Australian band to conquer the world outside of these shores & set a precedent still being felt today. The songs are so great and their story of emigrating as young lads to Australia from different parts of the world, to then become this massive band and influence so many others after is quite incredible – I mean they actually changed the course of music in Australia forever.”

“The Easybeats were not only the best band to ever come out of this country, they are by far the most influential band to ever come out of this country. We all owe a great deal of gratitude to them and I can’t wait to get my throat around some of these incredible songs in what should be an awesome show.’’

“The Easybeats have loomed so large in my imagination since I first heard them age 8, their aggression and finesse, the sexuality and cheek has been a template for any band I’ve been involved in. When the band’s music became more personal a few years back those songs I will defend til death. My brothers and I will revel in the opportunity to bash and pash the living hell outta these beautiful tunes.”

Don’t miss out on tickets for this one…


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