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Newcomers and last year’s Bank Of Melbourne “Melbourne Music Bank” winners, Tempus Sun have released their debut single Owls and it is something truly stunning. The single has been described as an unstoppable powerhouse that is built to embolden listeners and encourage them to discuss their struggles with others. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles spoke with Grant Hardisty from the band and what is ahead for Tempus Sun.

What’s the latest for Tempus Sun?
We are still coming down off the single launch show. It was so much fun, the venue was jammed, the sound was great and as a group we were so relaxed and had more fun than ever before. So we are buzzing for our next lot of shows in late August and early September. Since the launch it’s been great getting some love from triple J, Rage and MTV. The love from rural and community radio has been staggering and online and print media has been awesome too.

Congratulations on the single Owls , did you have the feeling you nailed it when you finished it?
Thank you! It felt really good from the beginning and it has changed and morphed a few times and the hard part was choosing which one to record. The beauty in that is that we can mix it up live as to which version we use. We’ve had great feedback on the sound of the song and in particular the content in the lyric. We’ve hit success by being told we have really influenced some people, which was/is the goal from the beginning, so mission accomplished.

The film clip is very powerful; did it take a lot of discussion coming up with the ideas and direction for it?
Surprisingly no. The consistency of ideas between Edwin Tedjokusumo (director) and us was really inline. In reflecting the lyric visually we were on the same page but as for the literals or metaphorical aspects we brainstormed together and very easily. Edwin is great in trying to make sense of our ideas and turn them into reality; he is also a master at sneaking in little things here and there. (Keep an eye on the close ups of the actors eyes, wink wink).

What is the message you hope listeners take away after hearing this one?
Its influencing people to speak up. It’s about having a chat with someone, perhaps about a struggle you may be having or a problem your facing. It helps it really does. Some people procrastinate on it but you really have nothing to loose so go for it. Something as small a chat can mark the biggest of changes; it can bring so much understanding, motivation and change to someone’s life then the world is theirs

How important was it winning the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank competition?
It’s been great, the knowledge we’ve been able to obtain about the music industry is staggering. The ability to network and use these networks for advice and opportunities has been the best part. We have been surrounded by some of the best in the industry and made some great friends among them along the way. So the comp has been super beneficial for sure.

Did it open a few more doors and create some opportunities?
For sure, the ability to bounce questions off of the team they have put around us is incredible. It’s almost like having a cheat book in a video game; they make it so easy to get info. Plus they have friends in the business and opportunities have arisen from that as well which is great too.

Could you believe it when you won it?

Is the focus now on an album or another EP?
No idea most likely an album, but the focus is definitely already on writing that’s for sure. We’ve begun already and it’s really exciting. The result of the initial EP is fantastic we are so happy but it was a fast pressured process, but now there is no restrictions and we have learned so so much from the process and we look forward to going to the next level again.

If you weren’t in a band what would you be doing?
We’d be trying to start a band if we weren’t in one. I don’t think any of us could really see ourselves doing anything else other than what we are doing.  That’s part of what makes this special is we all share the same vision.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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