BATS is the new music project of Michael Paver from The Scotch of Saint James, one of Perth’s most lauded rock n roll acts. Other members of the band also hail from well-known musical outfits such as The Infidels, The Volcanics, and Ruby Boots. Bats have a brand new single 24 Hours which delivers an intense listening experience with plenty of vitriol for our current governments socio-political agenda. Musically it is sure to please fans of QOTSA or Kasabian. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with Michael Paver (singer) from the band.

Is it an exciting time building up to the release of the single 24 Hours?
As a grommet I would have said no. But as we stand as distinguished gents it’s a god damn triumph that an unsigned band of this age can still give a fuck is pretty glorious and give props to art being art in itself.

Can you believe how much hard work and time goes in to all this?
Yes we definitely can. We have all been doing something in the music world for ages only now are we believing in ourselves.

How would you describe the single?
Jangly neo faithism of us all.

The film clip is great, did you have much involvement in that?
Yep. We thought what would be better than standing around with strobe lights for hours, and when you thought you have had enough jam one in your face for a while, and if you are an egotistical singer get someone to cover your face in white gaffa tape and rip it off, that shit hurts massive….

Does being compared with the likes of Kasabian and Queens Of The Stone Age create more pressure or greater expectation?
During both of their times and continuing to this day they are both rad bands. QOTSA more so but listening to a bunch of chaps push the envelope is religious in its being if not anything else.

Are there any significant influences that have shaped your music?
Yes but they are like a patchwork quilt, it is made up of lots of squares but always keeps you warm. The two bands mentioned above, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, all rad rock and roll bands, The Black Angels are high on the list at present.

How did the band get together?
Released a solo tune, met Pete (Yezza 1) Pete said jamming with a rad drummer (Yezza 2) Talked and jammed with Joe (Yezza 3) Post EP launch had timzah join (Yezza 4) so multi yezza!

Are there any plans for an album or an EP?
Yes. We have an LP coming out towards the end of the year which will be suitably titled.

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt so far?
Don’t let your ambitions and your capabilities get confused.

Any plans to tour Australia more extensively?
Most definitely if you’ll have us

What’s the plan from here?
Make tunes. What else is there

Do you believe in the notion that to get recognition that you need to move overseas?

What’s the next challenge for Bats?
Try and release an album and move out from the shadow.

Interview by Rob Lyon

For more information on releases by Bats head to their Bandcamp page.

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