San Cisco, Thelma Plum @ The Gov, Adelaide 18/5/2017

First stop for San Cisco on the The Water national album tour was at The Gov in Adelaide with fans turning it on with another sold out show. San Cisco continue their upward trajectory with their catchy as all hell indie-pop tunes and equally as impressive is watching the journey of this band who are still relatively young and have come a long way since their first show in Adelaide at Fowlers Live which seems like many moons ago.

This show was all about their third album The Water which has only just come out and judging by its reaction and how well fans knew the words to the new songs anyone would have thought it had been out for six months. Opening with two new songs Did You Get What You Came For and Slomo it wasn’t long before returning to familiar territory with About You and Magic from 2015s Gracetown.

Lead singer and guitarist Jordi Davieson remarked that it was a pleasure to be back in Adelaide for the start of this tour and later drummer Scarlett Stevens saying that Adelaide was the first to hear these new songs live except for their parents. Keeping the water theme going Beach from their self titled debut followed by the title track off their new album went down a treat.

Davieson commented again that they have no idea which songs of theirs are good one which can only be judged by the ones that the crowd are singing along to. No doubt the band were impressed by this excitable crowd who knew all the words and were really in to the show. Hey Did I Do You Wrong? is a great tune and will be a set staple for sure as will be the tune B-Side (which is only available on the seven inch vinyl single for Slomo) which Davieson described as “a bit of a cute one”.

There’s plenty to like about San Cisco as their songs pack plenty of charm and so relatable to so many people just like the older song Projection going out to all the fucked up relationships out there. Davieson said that the band hadn’t been out on tour for a while and living out of suitcases but they were excited… and it showed! It was a real treasure trove of hits that took the band to the finish line with Snow, the ever so popular Fred Astaire and the superb Too Much Time Together.

The encore was great starting with Davieson returning to play Waiting For The Weekend acoustic before the rest of the band returned for Run and Sunrise. The new album is likeable, has plenty of charm and has plenty of legs and no doubt we will be hearing a lot more from San Cisco in 2017. Hats off to the support Thelma Plum who was brilliant as opening act and would have won plenty of hearts and minds of new fans discovering her for the first time.

Review by Rob Lyon

Set List
Did You Get What You Came For
About You
The Water
The Distance
Hey Did I Do You Wrong?
That Boy
Fred Astaire
Kids Are Cool
Too Much Time Together

Waiting For The Weekend

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