When Aussie girl group BEATZ first auditioned for ‘The X Factor Australia’ back in 2014, never did they expect to see the response that would follow. Their performance was described as being “absolutely magical” by Redfoo. Brooke, Elishia and Tayla have since been gaining attention from young teens all around the world. Their fierce, energetic and unified audition of Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl, has gained over 23 million+ views on YouTube. The girls proudly showcased their own individual trademark colours of Purple, Yellow and Pink throughout the show. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles spoke to Tayla about the new single and the journey to date.

Does life feel like a bit of a whirlwind with everything going on within the band at the moment?
Yeah, so full on! When we auditioned in 2014 that seemed like it was ages ago. When we look back on the YouTube video we’re like oh my gosh it feels like we’re so old now. Even last year’s X-Factor feels like ages ago as well. It was such a great experience but we’re so excited about the single we have released so that’s the next chapter in our Beatz life.

Have you been prepared for how much life has changed for you individually and as a group?
Life is changing very quickly, I can’t believe that we were performing live on national television. That was a huge step for us. Now, with our single out on radio that’s crazy when we’re in our car and knowing that our song will be playing is a crazy experience.

How do you think you will feel the first time you will hear your single on the radio?Oh my gosh, I don’t know! I play it on my phone in the car and claim that’s on the radio! I’m thinking imagine this but I think I’ll be screaming and calling the girls straight away. It definitely gives up goose bumps knowing we created that.

What has been the most exciting part of the journey so far?
The best part so far, there’s been three parts in our Beatz life that have been so crazy for us. Firstly, auditioning for 2014 X-Factor and getting a standing ovation as well as getting a million views on YouTube is a huge achievement for us. Also being on X-Factor last year and meeting Mel B and having that experience on live TV. Also, having our single coming out is another one. It is like our baby to us because we are so much a part of that track.

Being mentored by Mel B is really, what is the most valuable piece of advice she has given you?
Mel B was crazy to work with, so is so down to Earth and her personality is amazing. Something she said to us was being yourself and stick together because at the end of the day you have to remember that we are friends. It was pretty much that and sticking to that and giving a hundred percent in everything.

Now that the show is finished do you have contact with her?
She messages us all the time and wants to FaceTime us as well which we’re excited about but yeah we are still in contact with her.

Can you believe how much work went in to your single Ain’t Your Girl? What’s the story behind the single?
Yeah, everything is paying off now but we are still working a hundred and ten percent. It can mean different things to different people to a guy and a girl. It’s about doing this by ourselves and about us girls as well, what we’ve been through. The audition process on X-Factor was a massive deal for us and getting kicked out was hurtful for us. So as a girl it is about we can do this ourselves, we’re independent women and there are so messages like that in it.

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement for what’s coming up?
We definitely are taking it step by step…

How involved were you in the film clip?
It was a huge project to work on, it is exciting and a very creative process and we couldn’t wait to put it out there in the world.

Is there a national tour planned at some stage this year?
That’s something planned and we want to do and the dream would be going overseas to sing and dance doing everything that we love.

Are you continuing to write new material and is there an album planned?
We’re trying to take it baby steps at a time but after this song Ain’t Your Girl gets released we’re definitely going to keep working on more singles. Hopefully within a year we’ll have an album out and that’s the dream for us. We love working and that’s the only way you get anywhere in life is to keep working.

After being on TV have you got any stalkers or crazy fans that follow you around?We haven’t got anyone crazy yet but we love all our fans and they all mean something to us, no crazy ones yet! After seeing that Justin Bieber story I feel so concerned for him and he can’t even eat somewhere without everyone looking at him. When we are all together we get a few looks as we have bright coloured hair but I think now we can appreciate our space.

Interview by Rob Lyon

For more info about Beatz head along to and the single is available through iTunes.

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