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Award-winning and multi-platinum-selling Canadian superstars Walk Off The Earth have announced a 30-day tour across three continents and that includes three dates in Australia. Definitely a band to keep an eye out on particularly with their brilliant 5-people-playing-one-guitar interpretation of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know exploded on YouTube garnering well over thirty five million views in less than two weeks. The massive fan response quickly drew attention to their collection of innovative songs and videos spanning their last five years and generated an unprecedented flood of media interest. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with Sarah Blackwood who is also expecting their third child with band partner Gianni Luminati.

Covering Gotye’s Someone I used To Know is incredibly gutsy, what attracted the band to cover that song and were you worried about what sort of reaction you might get from music fans, Gotye fans and even Gotye himself?
We just really love covering good songs. That song in particular is so incredible, and we had an idea for a video right away so we just went for it! We put a lot of thought in to the videos we make, there’s definitely a strategy involved. It changes with each video, but we are always conscious of we are doing, and we generally tend to just do what we would have done if we had written the song we’re covering.  We make it different and we get super creative.

Does it amaze you how viral music videos go and how many views the band has had for that song?
It always amazes me how many people’s eyes are watching stuff at all times! Haha. What a crazy time we live in!

What do you think makes a good cover version?
I think most important is making it your own style. There are so many people out there that cover a song and just do it how it already is, and that gets a little boring, because it’s already been done that way! It’s fresh and nice to change things up and make it sound the way it would have sounded if you had been the person who wrote and proceed it to begin with!

Does that create a lot of expectation that whatever you do next will need to reach the same lofty heights?
Every video we do is different in it’s own way. There’s no doubt we have goals and are always striving to be better at what we create. But that doesn’t necessarily mean “topping” the last video. It just means staying true to ourselves and our art and continuing to make things a that WE want to make. Whether it’s a low budget video, or a huge production, we like to keep it real to what we vision and have in our minds for that specific project. We flip flop between shooting videos with a high quality camera and an iPhone all the time! Same with our music production. We like to go nuts sometimes, and other times I will record something on my back porch and release it that day. It’s a vibe thing more then anything really.

With so many different elements to the Walk Off The Earth sound how would you describe to someone who knows nothing about the band?
I don’t even know how to describe it to people anymore. Haha. We have yet to come up with a super accurate and true to us description that makes us say “YES! THAT’S US IN A NUTSHELL!”

Are you looking forward to touring Australia and what can fans expect on this tour?
YES! I was in Australia in 2009 with my old band. We did Harvest Festival with a bunch of amazing bands. I LOVED it there so so much. It’s been such a crazy ride trying to get WOTE out there and we’re all SO SO SO happy out’s finally happening!

What’s the next big challenge for Walk Off The Earth?
I am giving birth again in September. That’s the biggest challenge in life I think…We have TONS of content coming out over the next while. Music, videos, movies…so many things! Just stay tuned on all of our social media outlets and we will keep informing people what’s going on. We never stop so there’s TONS of stuff coming up!

Interview by Rob Lyon

Walk Off The Earth Tour Banner

Walk Off The Earth Go Around The World In 30 Days and are playing the following Australian tour dates…

Thursday 27th July –The Enmore Theatre, Sydney
Friday 28th July – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Saturday 29th July – The Forum, Melbourne

Tickets on sale from We Are Nice Events


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