Allah Las

It’s amazing how and where things start and that can be said for Allah Las. Origins of this band started whilst working in the legendary Amoeba Record Store in 2008 then going on to write and release their critically acclaimed self titled debut in 2011. Already the response to the Australian tour is off the hook with quite a number of shows selling out. Pedrum Siadatian (lead guitar and vocals) does a very quick Q&A for Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles. 

It must be a really exciting time to be in the band right now with everything going on from new releases to tours?
Yes indeed it is…

Did you ever expect you would end up in a band with colleagues you worked with?
Not in my wildest schemes

How did the initial talk of starting a band get going? Around the water cooler?
It’s kind of a classic story… I was standing next to the water cooler sipping on an ice cold cup o’ Bs, when Spencer walked up to me really slow and asked me if I “enjoyed” drinking at work. So get this, I looked up at him and said “Yeah, I do.. what’s it to you?” And he said “That’s interesting, I like drinking water as well, it helps me not die”.  And we kind of stood there re-filling cup AFTER cup of water not really talking to each other but drinking water and really enjoying it.

I’m reminded of a quote my great grandpa, Nanette, would say to me after a long days work: “Everybody’s got a job to do, everybody’s got to move and groove.” A man can work hard but he should also play hard. After my belly felt fully distended with water I started to walk away from the water cooler area and Spencer screamed “Wait!” … So I turned around and he said “Tomorrow, 2pm, my parent’s basement.” I said “What? What are you talking about?” And he just laughed in my fucking face.

Is Amoeba Records the coolest record shop on Earth?
Definitely one of ’em

How would you describe the music of Allah-Las?
Rog musig

Where did the name come from?
Many hours of deliberation and consideration regarding longevity, impact, reach and budget

What was your reaction when you were told that you are playing Coachella 2017?
Robert, is this some kind of mi$take?

Do you get much chance to catch any other bands playing?
Yeah I saw Schoolboy Q, Gucci Mane, New Order and Orville Sash

Touring Australia must be a buzz as well?
Yes I’m expecting to catch a number of buzzes

Were you happy with how Calico Review was received?
Happy as yam

Do you feel the pressure or weight of expectation with the next album?
No, not really

Any ideas of where you may take it sonically?
Anything you can dance to and eat a ‘roo to

What’s your biggest lesson learnt today?
Ruth is Stranger than Richard

Favourite Australia band ?
King Gizzard and the Oreo Blizzard

Interview by Rob Lyon

Allah Las are on tour in May and grab a ticket while you can as most shows are sold out…

Allah-Las Tour Poster

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