Polish Club

Remember the name Polish Club because when the rest of the world catch on and get on board these lads will be in for a big second half of 2017. Citing influences of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jeff Goldblum, Cold Meats to Mariah Carey this soul outfit makes a hell of a racket. The new album Alright Already is about to drop at the end of March and Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles did a quick Q&A with Novak and John-Henry.

It must be really exciting time leading up to the release of Alright Already?
The oven’s been pre-heated, the pie is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. All we have to do is set the table and buy the tomato sauce. And I’m farken starving.

I loved the EP, have you been encouraged by the support of new fans in the internet world?
I pretty much live in the internet world full time at this point. So the fact that, for once, my constant refreshing of our Facebook page actually shows people liking and commenting gets me off.

How would you describe the Polish Club sound?
If I were to tell you that it’s a guy basically screaming but mostly in key, with a guitar playing a max of three chords and drums usually in 3/4 or 4/4, then that would be pretty spot on.

What would you say are your main influences?
The constant yearning to eat carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How did you both meet?
Mates from rival private schools. Just like the Montagues and Capulets. Except we haven’t killed ourselves… yet.

How awesome were your initial jam sessions?
Awesome? Nah. We had a false start the first time. We tried to be too Motown. But the second jam we had provided us with Able straight off the bat. And a couple of other songs that basically exclusively consisted of the words ‘girl’ and ‘baby’.

Did you think at that point you had something special?
I assume that point will come eventually eh. I’m hoping sooner rather than later.

How did you come up with the band name?
We drew it out of a hat. I mean, there were only two words in the hat, but thank fuck we didn’t end up as Club Polish. That sounds like an EDM megamix.

Have you had the situation where members of the Polish community come to the show thinking it was a social gathering and play cards or something like that?
Disappointingly, no. And in response to the lack of it, we went to the Polish Club in Ashfield ourselves and shot our album cover.

Do you feel the pressure of the hype and positive talk already about Polish Club?

Was it high fives all round after listening to the final version of the album knowing you nailed it?
Well there was only two of us, so it was more like ‘high-five’ and done. Nah, we gave Wade Keighran, our producer and awkwardly long hug. Sorry Wade.

Are you excited about the tour and what are punters in for?
Yes, we have a shit load of new tracks to play, obviously. So it’s the first time our set has been changed up so much. I can’t guarantee it’ll be perfect, but it’ll be interesting.

With an album and tour locked in what’s next for Polish Club?
Polish Club nail polish, Polish Club car polish, Polish Club shoe polish, Polish Club polish for Polish Clogs. And probably another release of actual music soon.


Supported by triple j & Tone Deaf
Tickets on sale now

Fri 5 May – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Sat 6 May – Narara Festival, Kariong
Thu 11 May – Small Ballroom, Newcastle
Fri 12 May – Rad Bar, Wollongong
Sat 13 May – Republic Bar, Hobart
Fri 19 May – Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Sat 20 May – Amplifier, Perth
Thu 25 May –  The Foundry, Brisbane
Fri 26 May – Elsewhere, Gold Coast
Sat 27 May – Big Pineapple Festival, Woombye
Thu 1 Jun – The Transit Bar, Canberra
Fri 2 Jun – Workers Club, Geelong
Sat 3 Jun – The Corner, Melbourne

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