Quails Remix Album Release

QUAILS is the solo project of Sydney based singer, songwriter, producer Amy Pes and Almost is the third track to be remixed and released from the self-titled debut EP QUAILS.

Following the EP’s High Hopes being featured in the hit US TV show ‘Lucifer’, QUAILS has received a huge response around the globe with the scene’s clips on YouTube attracting over 1.5 million plays so far. Now, QUAILS release Almost with remixes by Acaddamy, Korky Bucheks and Max Wolf with unreleased remixes of High Hopes (Nonion Breed) and With You (Elroy Remix).

QUAILS brings together an ambient blend of dark pop with R&B undertones, glimmering synths, bold beats and emotive soul-infused vocals. Pes has collaborated with electronic/dance artists Tom Piper, Purple Sneakers, Jordan F, Skin & Bones and Barretso who also co-produced the EP.

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