Hot damn! Clairy Browne is coming to town for one special show at the Garden Of Unearthly Delights.This is Clairy’s first tour in two which promises to be a beauty celebrating the release of her solo album Pool. Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles was lucky enough to do a quick Q&A with Clairy ahead of this show in Adelaide.

How are you looking forward to getting back on the road for this tour in February?
I’m super excited to put this show on the stage! A lot has gone into it and it’s a defining moment for me debuting my solo record live so it’s a pretty big deal, can’t wait to share it with audiences!

Do you have a soft spot for little ‘ole Adelaide?
Hell yes. I love how it becomes a hub of creative energy at Festival time and I have spent some time in the Garden of Unearthly Delights so I am stoked to be part of it this year.

Is this show at the Adelaide Fringe focused mostly on the new album?
Yes. Pool is the celebration of what has been a long time coming – my expression as a solo artist. It’s my first solo record and it’s laid out like an early Beyoncé record where you get a little taste of everything; club banger, shiny pop, urban, Pharell-y disco, club, Dj-Mustardy beats, r’n’b slow jam, epic heartbreak ballad and so on.

It’s current but still reflective of my experience and also of the music styles I have been feeling. The live show reflects the vibes of the record, which can be described as Summertime-Pool party-icy cocktails- honey skin- hot girls- Palm trees- pink tequila sunrise Meets boogie nights – neon lit strip club on sunset.

What do you think was the biggest challenge in making the album?
Everything seemed to flow pretty smoothly with the writing process. I think the biggest challenge for me was the transition into solo work and knowing when to trust your own voice. It’s about understanding and allowing your artistry to exist on its own and not be defined by anyone or anything else. Still learning how to do this!

What did you think when you played it back for the first time?
The usual creative process is fairly schizophrenic and it goes like this for me –  “This is the shit, I am the shit, I’ve never heard a better song/record and I can die happily knowing I made this” …. To “Actually this sucks, who even am I? What have I done?! I should never make art again. I should fall in a ditch and die” …. to “Maaaaaaaybe there is something there” to “Nah, this is dope”.

Was there any trepidation in being bold in the direction you wanted to take this album?
Not really. You can’t just exist in the prism of how everybody wants to view you. You have to do you. So there was never really any choice for me. I wasn’t afraid I was liberated and empowered.

Were there any particular songs or artists that influenced you in a significant way for this album?
Yes. Drake, DJ Mustard, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Destiny’s Child, Michael Jackson, Robyn, Sia, Janet Jackson.

How would you describe this album to someone at JB HiFi who is contemplating whether to buy the album?
DOPE JAMS all day. Moments of pop, smooth r’n’b, club tracks, Beyoncé does disco, trap hats on a thick beat, summer beach vibes. Summertime-Pool party-icy cocktails- honey skin- hot girls- Palm trees- pink tequila sunrise Meets boogie nights – neon lit strip club on sunset.

Love the promo photos; did you have fun during that process?
Super fun! My friend John Tsiavis in California shot album artwork on the most perfect day.

Beyond the tour, what’s next for Clairy Browne?
I’m writing at the moment, always developing my sound. Lots of new stuff to share in 17 and some excellent collaborations in the works too.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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Friday 17 February – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney NSW
Tuesday 21 February – Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide SA

Saturday 25 February – Grampians Music Festival, Halls Gap VIC

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