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Remember the name Krista Polvere as she is set for a big 2017 with her new self-titled album featuring the single Shut Up And Ride is doing great things on the Country Music Channel. It is exciting times as Krista explains in her Q&A with Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles.

What’s the latest for Krista Polvere?
I have been playing shows in Melbourne and country Victoria. I’m enjoying the moment and letting life unfold.

If the single Shut Up & Ride is anything to go by it sounds like 2017 will be your year? Yes it will be and last year was so much fun. Lots of great things happening personally and professionally. I have been feeling very creative and writing more tunes. My heart is open and I feel inspired for life.

What did you think when you saw/heard that your single is getting plenty of play on the Country Music Channel?
It makes sense as it’s such a fun/cheeky clip and song. Its got attitude and yes……it sounds country. But I am also super grateful that they have been supportive playing it so much which all helps with exposure.

Are you relieved that your album is finished and out there?
I am happy that people are digging it. Of course Id love it to be more widely exposed and into the homes of many far and wide but that’s the limitation of being an independent artist.

How would you describe it?
This record is a beautiful story of a love that once was. It’s a tale of a woman who felt trapped in her lovers world but didn’t know how to leave.

Is it hard putting your own personal experiences out there in your songs?
Not at all. I am an open book in general so for me being honest is easy and feels right. That is what music really should be. Authentic.

Is the trick now maintaining the momentum?
“The trick” is for me to feel happy and fulfilled and keep moving. I am a very busy person who always creates new goals so loosing momentum isn’t really one of them.

How important was the move to Melbourne for your music?
I am not sure how pivotal it was but I do love Melbourne. I think if you want to play a ton of shows Melbourne is the place for that.

Has much thought been given to the next album and what you might do with it?
I have a few ideas but things change so I am likely to just go with it in the moment and what ever will be will be.

Are you chomping at the bit to get out there and tour?
I would LOVE to tour but the right opportunity has to present itself for me to do it. Any offers?

What’s next for Krista Polvere?
Sun, beach, adventures, music, friends, and love. Guess I’m a bit of a hippy at heart.

Krista Polvere’s self-titled album is out now and is available from her official website.

Interview by Rob Lyon

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