Green Buzzard Debut Album

The year is 2077. Planet Earth as we know it is nothing but a distant memory. Mankind exists and flourishes now only on planet Mars. Our hero is Dewey Everglow, part of the ‘M Generation,’ the first children of Mars. His mission was simple; find new habitable planets for humankind. Until it all went terribly wrong…

Green Buzzard are back!

Here’s a preview

Definitely one of the most underrated bands going around. Green Buzzard are releasing their brand new album “Space Man Rodeo” on the 3 March, 2017.

Green Buzzard Space Man Rodeo.jpg

The track listing:

1. (Take-Off Transmission)
2. Do You Ever Glow?
3. Tear My Heart Away
4. (Transmission #1)
5. Never Let Me Go
6. Space Control
7. I.D.W.K
8. (Transmission #2)
9. Hypnotized
10. Dream In/Out

More info at the official Green Buzzard website

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