Laneway Festival 2017 continues to get even better with the inclusion of Adelaide’s very own Bad Dreems included on the bill.

Bad Dreems (stylised as Bad//Dreems) are an “outsider rock” band from Adelaide, South Australia. The band consists of Ben Marwe (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Cameron (Guitar), James Bartold (Bass), and Miles Wilson (Drums). The band released their debut EP titled Badlands in August 2013. They released their debut album Dogs At Bay on the 21st of August 2015 with legendary Australian producer Mark Opitz (INXS, Cold Chisel, the Angels).

From humble beginnings the band originally met at their local football club in 2012. The group would practice in an old fridge warehouse located near the West End Brewery in Adelaide. Bad Dreems first show was at a friend’s party after another band pulled out.

Go on, have a listen…

Bad//Dreems play the following Laneway Festival dates:

Jan 26 Laneway Festival, Brisbane
Jan 28 Laneway Festival, Melbourne
Jan 30 Laneway Festival, Auckland NZ
Feb 3 Laneway Festival, Adelaide
Feb 4 Laneway Festival, Sydney
Feb 5 Laneway Festival, Fremantle WA

Tickets from the St Jerome Laneway Festival website




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