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Hollow Coves are an exciting prospect and so much so that the band has signed local and international booking deals which is set to launch their career in a big way. February will be a big month with a handful of dates locked in to support their EP Wanderlust which is out on February 3. Ryan Henderson talks to Hi Fi Way: The Pop Chronicles about the EP and what is ahead for the band.

It must be exciting times ahead in 2017 for Hollow Coves, have you started setting some goals of what you want to achieve or do you take it as it comes?
We are definitely excited for 2017. We have a few goals that we would like to achieve this year but we don’t really want to set a deadline on anything just yet. We have a lot of new music in the works and we are also working on developing and growing ourselves as artists both in the way we are writing and the way we are delivering the songs live. It would be great to get back overseas this year to do some touring and travelling though so hopefully we can do that.

Having an international booking agent is a big step forward for the band isn’t it?
Yeah, we are stoked to have Marty on board. He has worked with some pretty incredible artists so we are really excited to have him helping us along our journey.

Will a good chunk of the year be spent overseas touring and getting the name out there?
We have definitely been talking about it. Nothing is locked in yet but we would love to spend some time overseas.

How exciting is the build up to the release of Wanderlust?
It has been a long time coming so we are just stoked to be finally putting those songs out there for everyone to hear.

Can you believe how much work goes in to any release?
The last time we released music we just put it on Soundcloud. This time there has been a lot more work going into it. I guess we weren’t really aware how much goes on behind the scenes until now.

How did you come up with the name Hollow Coves? Does it have some special meaning?
Matt and I spent a long time sending words back and forth. We just wanted to find something that fit our sound and somehow we landed on Hollow Coves and it just felt right.

It is a great name that lends itself with lots of different imagery, is that the angle that you were going for?
Thanks. Yeah, I think our music has largely been inspired by a lot of imagery from our travels and we wanted to find a name that was relevant to what we were doing.

How did you both get together?
We met through a mutual friend. We had both been playing music separately and then one day we decided to get together and jam and it just worked.

Did you find that you had a lot of ideas and that built a lot of momentum for the creative process?
We got a lot of inspiration from our travels and that definitely flowed into the creative process.

How would you describe the sound of Hollow Coves?
Indie folk, chilled acoustic melodies with harmonies.

What is the most challenging part of writing/ recording an EP?
Lyrics and production. Melodies have always come naturally to Matt and I but when it comes to lyrics that is something that takes a lot of time for us. The production of the EP was also challenging because we wrote the songs with just acoustic guitars and vocals. We don’t have a core band, its just Matt and I, so when it came to producing the songs we had an idea of the sound that we were after but no idea of how to play the instruments we were hearing. We had to bring in friends to help play drums and other parts of the songs. It just ended up being a long process.

Are you relieved that it is done?
Definitely. We  are stoked with the response we have gotten with Coastline. Can’t wait to share the full EP.

Is there anything you wouldn’t do next time?
Yeah. We learnt a lot in the process. Next time we will definitely spend a lot more time in pre-production and demoing so that the recording process can be a lot more intentional.

Is it too early to start thinking about an album and what you might/ might not do?
We’ve already put a lot of thought into what we want to do for an album and there are a lot of new songs floating about. We feel like we have developed a lot and we are really excited to continue to build these songs.

What can punters expect on this tour?
We are doing this tour as a duo but we are busy working on some new arrangements of the songs to make the duo set as dynamic as we can.

Any plans to come to Adelaide at some point?
Not at this point. We’d love to get down there eventually. Neither of us have ever been

What is the most exciting part of the journey ahead?
We get to do what we love. Everything that’s happening and developing at the moment is really exciting. We’re just looking forward to see it all pan out.

Checkout songs such as Home and Coastline on the Spotify playlist and be won over

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JAN 27 Beach Hotel, Byron Bay NSW

JAN 28 The Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane QLD

FEB 02 Brass Monkey, Cronulla NSW

FEB 03 Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW

FEB 04 Small Ballroom, Newcastle, NSW

FEB 05 Rad Bar, Woollongong, NSW (UNDER 18)

FEB 05 Rad Bar, Woollongong, NSW (18+)


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