Peaches @ The Gov, Adelaide 28/12/2016

Wowsers! What do you say after you’ve experienced the Peaches live experience? Well, I haven’t experienced anything like that before! Merrill Nisker aka Peaches is a class performer delivering exactly what her fans wanted with a fiery, intense and energetic live performance. It was a festive crowd that gathered at The Gov looking for a big night of music, dancing, jumping, screaming and a few things they weren’t expecting .

The production was minimalist as the performance focused solely on the energy of Peaches. There was no big crazy lighting rig or a big band – just Peaches and her two dancers. Opening with Rub off the album with the same name it was game on the lyrics “can’t talk right now, this chicks dick is in my mouth” really set the tone for what was to come. With a “what’s up Adelaide” it was straight in to Vaginoplasty which speaks for itself. Peaches asked the crowd “are you nasty, Adelaide? Are you nastier than Darwin, nastier than Melbourne, nastier than Sydney?” This fired up the crowd up the crowd no end.

Talk To Me followed then another new track I Mean Something (which coincidentally featured Feist on the album). The performance looked visually spectacular and the set list well considered and combined with the choreography, costume changes and the sexual/ fetish themes running through the show is was not purely about gratification (well, may be for some) but making statements on empowerment of women, gender norms and repressed sexuality. There was definitely a no fear attitude but presented in a way that only Peaches could.

Peaches said “are you ready for me to come out there” and literally crowd surfed and carefully used the hands of the crowd as stepping stones to walk through the crowd and connecting with them on another level. I Feel Cream, Free Drink Ticket and How You Like My Cut were crowd pleasers. The crowd were really in to it particularly when prompted by Peaches saying “are you having a good time with Peaches” and the overwhelming reply being yelled back “yeah!”

Big single Boys Wanna Be Her was a winner and the stand moment of the show came by way Dick In The Air. All sorts of possibilities could eventuate with this song but an inflatable shaft resembling a penis was spread out across the audience then Peaches entered it continuing the song. Where do you go after that? Well! During the set closer Fuck Away The Pain a lactating crowd member was pulled out of the crowd and sprayed Peaches with breast milk which was something Peaches wanted someone to do but haven’t until Adelaide. Peaches described this as the “craziest thing to happen to me on stage” and if anyone ever asks what is “that will be the answer”.

Two encores featuring Dumb Fuck and Light In Places brought the night to an end and one that people will be talking about for some time to come.

Check out the live photos from the show

By Rob Lyon

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