Jagwar Ma

Jagwar Ma are definitely an act on the Laneway Festival line up to get excited about. Even Noel Gallagher is too busy talking about the likes of Jagwar Ma and Temples to reform Oasis.

Jagwar Ma are an Australian psychedelic dance band formed in Sydney in 2011. The band features Gabriel Winterfield (lead vocalist, guitarist), Jono Ma (guitar, beats, synths, production), and bass guitarist Jack Freeman, who joined 2012. The band name is derived from a satirical combination of the word “jaguar” and Jono’s surname. Their debut release Howlin’ in 2013 Jagwar Ma gained plenty of attention in the US and Europe as well as back home in Australia. The follow up Every Now and Then released on 14 October 2016 sees Jagwar Ma continuing in an upward trajectory.

Checkout Jagwar Ma playing Man I Need in London

Jagwar Ma play the following dates in Australia:

Jan 26 Laneway Festival, Brisbane
Jan 28 Laneway Festival, Melbourne
Jan 30 Laneway Festival, Auckland NZ
Feb 3 Laneway Festival, Adelaide
Feb 4 Laneway Festival, Sydney
Feb 5 Laneway Festival, Fremantle WA



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