The Cat Empire & Xavier Rudd Tour

Widely held as two of Australia’s most outstanding live acts, The Cat Empire & Xavier Rudd will hit the highways together for the first time in January and February 2017 for a series of unique concert events to be held in picturesque open-air settings.

Presented by Zaccaria Concerts & Touring, the tour will bring these two incredible acts onto large stages in picturesque non-traditional purpose built outdoor venues in Hobart, Ballarat, Byron Bay, Queensland and Adelaide.

For over a decade, virtuoso’s The Cat Empire & Xavier Rudd hold commonalities; they’ve remained current in global markets whilst treading a path less travelled, continually doing it in their own way.

The Cat Empire’s genre-bending style has gifted them the tag “the ultimate party band” as they enthuse fans with their uplifting mash up of distinctive sounds. Their infectious tunes bring the crowd alive with their all-time tight and powerful brass section.

As one of our most adept multi-instrumentalists, Xavier Rudd enthrals audiences as he paints breathtaking pictures with vivid unmistakeable tones. Hypnotic ceremonial rhythms ease effortlessly into tender folk songs. Gritty guitar blues sits perfectly alongside entrancing yidaki (didgeridoo) passages.

Music fans will be treated as The Cat Empire & Xavier Rudd, along with HARTS, Ocean Alley and Sahara Beck, perform under the stars on what will be, magical summer evenings.

Tour Dates

Jan 26 St David’s Park, Hobart, TAS
Jan 29 North Gardens, Ballarat, VIC
Feb 4 Red Devil Park, Byron Bay, NSW
Feb 6 Sandstone Point Hotel, QLD
Feb 11 Glenelg Beach, Adelaide SA
Feb 12 Stuart Park, Wollongong, NSW

Ticket info on the tour page

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