Church of the Clitori @ The Garage International at Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide 18/3/2023

All hail the ‘symbolic power of the feminine’ as we worship the divine and holy Clitoris “in the name of the finger, in the name of the tongue, in the name of the holy cum”

But first of all, did you know that the clitoris is 9x9cm and can you please draw one? These are the questions the audience were being asked outside the venue by one of the Priestesses before the show even started. Surprisingly, not many of us knew a great deal about this unfortunately all too often dismissed body part, in fact it is so criminally overlooked that the full anatomical form of it wasn’t even completely figured out until 2005 (yes, by a woman) when Australian Urologist Professor Helen O’Connell mapped the full organ and thus demystified the entire thing (cue the sound of vagina owners everywhere cheering with joy)

So that’s some interesting and lifechanging information I learnt at the Church of the Clitori and after that I was well and truly ready to attend my first service as a newly inducted member to the ‘Clitorati’. I entered the dimly lit church with organ hymns playing in the background and a large velvet pink vulva throne on the stage across from the podium. Our two Priestesses took the small but willing congregation through a theatrical sermon featuring song, ritual, historical, religious and clinical education, inspirational talks and a couple comedic segments dedicated to the sponsors selling such wares as CDs of ‘Clit Hits’ and Clitoral Giftware. The audience were encouraged to share their ‘clit discovery stories’ and participate in a baptism (which I will leave to your imagination)

The charismatic sparkly pink robed priestesses delivered a stunning performance with strong character and impressive vocal range. The audience were relaxed and eager to be involved, participating in singing church hymns (such as This little Clit of mine and Amazing Clit) and interacting with the performers during the service. It was a fun, humorous, educational and inspiring show suitable and probably essential for every adult who has a vagina, or a partner with one.

Fringe Review By Bec Scheucher

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