Rich Webb On His Top Five Tracks Of 2022

A warm and lucid bundle of smooth alt-country swoon, the brand new track Blue Wildflowers out from Melbourne singer-songwriter Rich Webb marks a third peek into Rich’s fifth full-length album RIGHT!, out now. An immersive amalgamation of the likes of Bob Dylan, apologies and lost loves. Blue Wildflowers unfurls like a gossamer flower petal on a warm summer’s day, with nods to artists

Rich himself holds in high esteem, including Sparklehorse, Bob Dylan, Patty Griffin, Silver Jews, John Prine, Vic Chesnutt and, a recent addition to Rich’s listening repertoire, American singer-songwriter Kevin Morby. Penned as an intimate atonement and a timely reminder, stemming from personal experiences, Blue Wildflowers is a bittersweet yet lolling rumination for both Rich personally and the broader audience.

Produced by Rohan Sforcina, Rich Webb and Phil Wakeman, Blue Wildflowers was itself a significant catalyst for its overarching album RIGHT!, with Rich and Rohan bottling lightning early on in the process via the track. The accompanying video for Blue Wildflowers perfectly complements the warm and billowing sonic tapestry weaving throughout, with Rich teaming up with good friends Matthew Lawes-Wickwar and Louis C Brandt to bring the music video to fruition. Capturing a real-life road trip for Rich, his family and crew, the end result is equally genuine and grounding, with the filming experience also celebrating the beauty of country Victoria.

Rich Webb shares his Top 5 tracks of 2022 with Hi Fi Way…

Change – Big Thief
Big Thief at The Forum in Melbourne was one of my favourite shows of the year – they were astonishing. As was their new album Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You. I could have chosen a few from this record but I’m going with the album’s lead track which is gentle and lulling and hooked me in for the rest. Some great songs and it all feels so free, like they weren’t trying too hard. There is something wonderfully uplifting in that too.

Silver Dollar – Sierra Ferrell
The other standout show for me this year was Sierra Ferrell and her band at Melbourne’s Thornbury Theatre. Sierra has a voice for the ages and the three fabulous musicians with her on the tour were the perfect complement. Fabulous show. Apparently, the album came out last year, and I was late to the party. This is an alternative version of one of the singles which came out this year, with Sierra on acoustic. You’ll get the idea.

Lotus – Matt Dixon
‘On Olympic’ is a ripping set of eight instrumentals from local guitarist Matt Dixon. All live takes, accompanied by two drummers and a bass player, and with swags of the earthiness, warmth and dust that comes with that. It’s hypnotic and atmospheric throughout. One of the best local albums of the year for mine. Lotus was the first single – if you like this, bury yourself in the rest.

About You – The 1975
I stumbled onto this song recently and have kept playing it. It’s retro for sure, with touches of Bowie, Talk Talk and various other 80s synth stuff. But it’s so lovely and dreamy, you kind of put all of that aside and let it wash over you. Apparently the band is touring next year – will have to check them out.

Camp Dog – King Stingray
Camp Dog please don’t bite me! Fab track this one. I love the guitars and the surf rock thing going on here. The album has got plenty of other great numbers on it too but this one makes me smile the most. Exciting band – hanging out to see them live.

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